On the positive side, I think the offense play calling is headed in the right direction. Run/Pass blocking looks to be the weakest link thus far. I think Bevell does a great job with play calling but not sure about Jeff Davidson ability to coach the Oline. There’s a reason he’s bounced around a lot in the league.

I think our players are fine but the blocking scheme is coached poorly imo.

I think the pass protection has been mostly pretty good. Run blocking not so much.

I think Decker is bad, but Wagner is straight up awful. Draft an OT and shift Decker to the right side.


9 points in the second half. We are continually shut down in 2nd halves something is up with that.

I think we need to look at how long the Vilings held the ball in the 2nd half. They went on some long drives and ate alot of clock up

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O is best since Linehan left

It’s pretty hard for the Lions offense to get some possessions when the Viking offense had the ball for over 16 minutes vs Lions 6 minutes in the second half.

Decker is playing average at best and committing a lot of penalties. I wish we would have kept RR.