Offensive Draft:

If the Detroit Lions go offense for the first two rounds of the NFL draft, what would you do? Also, if this is the scenario what positions/players would you be looking to draft? Another thread led me toward thinking that there is a distinct possibility that we load up on defense in free agency and could see a more offensive oriented draft, so I was hoping to hear from fellow Lions fans how they would react and what would they want to see happen if we do?

Being a Lions fan since Tiger Stadium days, I’ll do what I generally do. Scratch my head with one hand, my nuts with the other, then just shrug. Or scream like when Tabor was taken in 2nd. Or Tavai, to be fair.

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Jeudy and Dobbins? That can’t be a bad draft, really.


I can see the logic in it to be honest. Offense could be close to being truly elite.

I’d certainly hope in that case that we addressed defense in free agency.

If we added a couple big FA defenders I’d be okay with Weasel’s picks. Would prefer a trade down. It still wouldn’t be my first choice but I think Stafford throwing to Jeudy, KG, MJ Hock and a backfield of Dobbins, KJ and Bo would be up there with anyone’s weapons.

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I would watch us score 60 points/game, next year.

Only way I’m okay w/it is if we do amazing in FA to fix the D

This would make total sense since we nearly have the worst defense in history

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Really I just see the potential for it to happen. With BQ and MP reportedly being put on notice I could see them going hard for “immediate help” on defense through FA and draft skill players on offense that have proven to be able to have an impact in year one.

I feel like the odds of two rookie defensive players taking the D from crap to average is way worse then a couple rookies taking the O from good to really good.
F it. Just try and outscore everyone. The league is geared toward O.
Trade down, get and extra 2nd. Take Lamb, Dobbins and and Georgia RT Wilson.

The 2019 Lions D was that close to being the worst defense in team history, right? So, if they draft offensive players in the 1st 2 rounds I’d give up on this team for good.

I’d go:

Jerry Jeudy
Travis Etienne

Sometimes the quickest way to get better is to be great one thing vs being good at everything. I’m ok drafting almost any IMPACT player. If we add talent we will win games. Doesn’t matter where.


I don’t see the need to go Jeudy with the WR talent out there. I would still take the TD and go something like this (assuming they fix the defense in FA):

TD - #5 + 2nd + 1st/2021

  1. OT Thomas/Jackson
  2. RB Taylor
  3. WR Johnson - impact talent
  4. ER Chaisson/S Winfield

Save the money on Walker to use on Defense. Taylor and Johnson can more than add some weapons to the offense.

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Hearing Announcer Buck scream Jeudy! Jeudy! Jeudy! after a Lions TD would get REAL old, REAL fast !!!:Cary Grant voice reference. :roll_eyes:


I think because the defense needs immediate help they will go hard on defense in FA with most significant signings being on that side , and then use the draft to fill offense needs we’re they Have more time to develop.

I’m mean if you sign a FA :
DT Jones
LB Jamie Collins
CB Logan Ryan
S Harris

Then you Draft
Chase or AJ
Trey Smith

I’d quit

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I find most of the Lions drafts to be offensive.


I pretty much expect it. Been saying it for months.

Stafford should learn side arm throw from Mahonmes and Lamar Jackson .

You know, when you first showed up, I thought it was a prank, but, I’m convinced.
Welcome back.


They learned it from him… When Stafford did it as a young player, he was criticized, now it’s all the rave.

I remember when Aaron Rodgers was asking MS about it years ago