*** Official Game Day Thread *** — Lions vs Jags!

I guess I’ll start the game day thread. I don’t know about you all but for some reason I’m a little excited to watch the game this week. I feel this weeks game is an indicator on the direction of the season.

Go Lions!

I think we can win this one.

After my latest thread, I fully expect them to win…pricks!

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Is this game considered the Suck Bowl?!?

No, they lose to bad teams and then will beat a team we shouldn’t to screw-up our draft spot.

I got these bad boys in this week. And am wearing them for the first time today. If they win today, I will only wear them on gamedays


I just can’t wish a loss … ever.

But I wouldn’t be heart broken if we did. I think we learn a lot about the team this week.

If the players lay down And put forth little effort then it’s obvious they want MP gone.

If the players come out fighting and win the game then it’s obvious they want to fight for the season. Either way we know for sure what we have after today.

The season is not over so I’d like to see a team that comes out fighting hard and puts the game away early. One can hope!


I quit wearing Nike products but those look cool.

Gonna call out my SOL shot for the day: Jags FG kicker today John Brown has NEVER attempted to kick an actual in game FG on any level, ever…isnt him kicking a game winning FG just a deliciously SOL thing?

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Have to admit, those are kind-of fly.

Thanks guys!

I really hope we incorporate Swift into the offense more.

Really hate watching pre game shows and it’s all about how great the Packers are…

Every week even when they aren’t.

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I hope we win the coin flip, start on offense and pound the ball with Swift and a Dominating run game.

One can hope.

Great special teams so far this year.

solid start

Nice start!

Fantastic start for the defense.

Aggressive stopping of the run, a pass rush … WHO HAS KIDNAPPED MY TEAM?!

Good field position to start. Let’s go Matt Stafford.