*** Official Game Day Thread *** — Lions vs Jags!


Okudah got SCHOOLED soooooo much today, he’s going to have to stay AFTER CLASS for HOURS !!!..Can’t Golladay teach him anything???..

I feel like Swift should get the ball more.

Looking at that replay, Swift could have gotten a few more yards on that log run if he just kept running toward the sideline instead of trying to make the one guy miss

Is the Game already over???..lol

Anyone know…
when the Lions have Stafford at QB, and the team rushes for 100+ yds, what is their record?

There is not enough data to make a determination, lol


He will be 7-1

Breaks a 6-game losing streak with double-digit leads. LMAO

The might have to edit the Lions score

1-0? LOL
Sad…but maybe true.

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Not a Stafford thing. A Lions thing. Can you cite this?

The Bears winning again…my God the NFC is so bad this year. Seabags, Packers, and NO appear to be the only teams worth a shit (and no way are the Bears that good); SF would probably be up there is they werent decimated by injuries. A playoff spot in this conference is there for the taking if this team is worth a shit.

we scored more than 30… and won?!

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So lucky to have Matty P as coach, this is the turning point. He is a rocket scientist, after all. This is the start of the turnaround.

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The article was a couple years old. I believe he’s 8-1 now…

In comparison… aaron rodgers was 5-0 last year alone

Russell wilson had a 100 yard rusher for 6 wins last year alone…

I can’t tell … is this sarcasm or did you drink the whole picture of koolaid and you are on a sugar high?