*** Official Game Day Thread *** — Lions vs Jags!

The article was a couple years old. I believe he’s 8-1 now…

In comparison… aaron rodgers was 5-0 last year alone

Russell wilson had a 100 yard rusher for 6 wins last year alone…

I can’t tell … is this sarcasm or did you drink the whole picture of koolaid and you are on a sugar high?

I think we won both games.

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We’ve all drunk a few to many during a game.

It’s criminal how little help we’ve provided to stafford throughout his career. The only time I personally ever thought we had a real shot to win it all was watching the lions with a healthy best for like 6 games

Kool aid baby. Sometimes guys have to be all the way to the edge of failure and that is when they find a way forward.

Got to give Matt Patricia some credit the adjustment he made on defense by simplifying things seem to have worked a bit this game

Was Cephus a healthy scratch today or injured? Never saw him.

Or hes not as good as what most think he is. I didn’t see him as well.

Oh, I think he will be damn good. Loved the pick!

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He was inactive. Here’s the inactive list for today.

The Lions will be without

  • QB David Blough
  • CB Desmond Trufant
  • LB Elijah Lee
  • OL Logan Stenberg
  • G Kenny Wiggins
  • WR Quintez Cephus

Good win! Good teams should destroy bad teams and that’s what the Lions did. The D looked a helluva lot better but there were still too many missed tackles. Dline did a really nice job stopping the run and forcing a turnover.

Too many penalties on the Oline but the running game looked good. Stafford was solid. Too many drops by the receivers.

Special teams was also solid again.

We didn’t need him…!!

Look at the team stats…

Matt hit ten different receivers today?!

Why not 11 then?

Minimum roster total? If they activate another WR who would have been pushed down to inactive?