Offseason free agents - Cap space

Unless I’m missing something, this year is the last year it would hurt us to cut him. From what I’m seeing we save over 6M if it’s a pre-June 1st cut and a juicy 9M post June 1st cut in 2020. Aren’t front loaded contracts sweet?? IE Later dude.

I mean, why stop there? Brady will put us over the top!

You weren’t missing anything. I was on my mobile and didn’t want to look up the numbers, that’s why I said “gotta look”. I remembered him being a roster lock due to salary.

But, with only 5.8 mil in dead money after this year, it wouldn’t be as difficult to cut him as I remembered.

By the way… his contract isn’t really Front-loaded due to the bonus being spread over 5 years.
2017 Cap hit = 6 mil
2018 Cap hit = 6 mil
2019 Cap hit = 12 mil
2020 Cap hit = 6 mil and he’s not even on the team. (assuming he’s cut.)

Next year is not going to be the year to spend unless it is on one year deals because of the CBA .
Also we will have a ton of money but Martha does not have to spend it …she is more than in compliment with the CBA and the money she needs to spend . If our team continues to lose now I cant see her spending above and beyond what she has to. The teams back office has not rewarded her spending with profitable playoff games that she makes money on .

According to OTC, Wagner’s cap hit for 2020 and 2021 is $11.9 mil each year. If they cut him in 2020 then they have a $6.1 mil cap savings with a $5.8 mil hit in dead money. In 2021, it’s a $9 mil cap savings and $2.9 mil in savings, and who knows if they play any games in 2021 or not.

So, let’s focus on next year. Say you cut the guy, that means you gotta find a guy as good for $5.8 mil, right? I kinda doubt a starting RT with average skills is going to sign for that. So, you draft an RT maybe? But then you’re not filling another need with that pick, so you’re spending money for a starting FA at another position.

That said, I do think the Lions should draft an OT at some point in the 2020 draft. You have to ask yourself how good is Crosby going to be, and so far I have not been too impressed. They might shift him inside, I dunno. But right now I do not see him as a starting OT.

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I think what we’ve seen this year is our depth sucks. The Pats are always praised for their depth and Quinn’s stated goal is to strengthen the bottom half of the roster. To me, that’s more of a failing than his top-3-round drafting and big money FA moves. He’s whiffed on some, but he’s actually done pretty well compared to other GMs. It’s building our depth where he’s been bad. Like, the Bucs signed Shaq Barrett for 4M in the offseason… we should have been all over that.

DE Myles Garrett
Back-up QB Mason Rudolph

Any of these guys

G Graham Glasgow
G Quinton Spain
DE Chris Jones
DE Yannick Ngakoue
DE Robert Quinn
DE Jadeveon Clowney
LB Whitney Mercilus
LB Jamie Collins
CB Logan Ryan
CB James Bradberry
S Devin McCourty