Offseason free agents

I looked up a list of current Lions who become free agents in the offseason. Just curious what others though we should do with these guys. Try to resign them, let them walk, etc. For some reason we spazzed out to extend Jones, which was odd, but I digress…

Daniels - One of the dumbest signings in NFL history. Thanks for stealing 8 million dollars per solo tackle. Now walk away.

Amendola - Solid pick up. Doing his job and being professional about it. Wouldn’t mind giving him another year around what he’s making now. 1 less spot to fill via the draft.

Tavon Wilson - Blah. I’m good either way. Take him or leave him. Just another guy in a bad position group.

Sam Martin - 3.5 million bucks is a lot for a guy who has a couple responsibilities job and hasn’t been very good at them. But, better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t, or something like that. Kick the can and keep him around for a minute.

Melvin - He’s been great…… at showing up on the opposing team’s highlight reels. No thanks.

Robinson - Been a tough season, but I’d like to see him back.

Mulbach - 1 year at a time until he’s 50.

Glasgow - Must do

Killebrew - buh buy. Thanks for no memories.

How did I do?

I wouldn’t be shocked if they resigned them all. They could move on from ST players if they so choose to save some cash.

I’m not sure I would bring anyone back. I like Danny, but other then that there is no one else.

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The Daniels signing wasn’t dumb. It was a worthwhile 1 year gamble for a player who was Pro Bowl level not too long ago. It didn’t work so he’ll just walk at the end of the season, no long term commitment.

Coleman has been pretty solid for the most part. Fine signing for what he brings.

Amendola has been as advertised, no problem there. I’d bring him back for one more year.

Flowers has been an utter disaster although better as of late but if you call Quinn an idiot for that signing then most of us are idiots because most were happy with the signing.

Personally, I think the coaches are a bigger problem than Quinn. This defense is underperforming relative to talent level.

I just realized that I misunderstood the premise of the thread.
Getting on that topic, I’d let Daniels walk, bring back Amendola and Melvin (I think he’s been fine for what he is). I’m unsure about Robinson as the entire line has underperformed. Maybe they can get him locked up for cheap after a down year. Glasgow is a must sign. Don’t really care about any of the others.

Keep Amendola, Glasgow, and Robinson.
We’ll see with Martin, his replacement may already be here.
Wilson is decent depth. Either way.
Oline coaching/scheme is suspect. I can’t fault Glasgow. Having a quality backup Center is no small luxury!

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[quote=“BigTenPhan, post:1, topic:2420”]
Daniels - Been a big, expensive injury. Very outside chance that he can recover and come back healthy and sign cheap, but most likely a goner. Completely dependent on health and price tag, both of which seem to be deal breakers.

Amendola - Solid pick up. Doing his job and being professional about it. Wouldn’t mind giving him another year around what he’s making now. 1 less spot to fill via the draft. Agree completely.

Tavon Wilson - I think he’s got potential, and because we have bigger fish to fry, I’m all for bringing him back, if the price is right.

Sam Martin - While expensive for a punter, this dude was an absolute weapon, before his injury. We seem to stumble upon amazing Kickers and Punters, for some reason. If we can upgrade cheaper…go for it. I’m good with him coming back for the right price.

Melvin - He’s been an upgrade from Lawson, but that’s not saying much. I think you go with one of 2 strategies…Build up the Defensive backfield to get coverage sack, or build up the DL, so you dont have to cover for long (like that best). Depends on wha t other talent we do/don’ have, with Melvin. I’m not a fan of his, but he’s serviceable.

Robinson - Been a tough season, but I’d like to see him back. Same. Health would help. Plus, he’s still pretty young.

Mulbach - 1 year at a time until he’s 50. Yup.

Glasgow - Must do. Unless a better & cheaper option presents itself, yes.

Killebrew - Don’t mind him as a depth player/ST guy, if the price is right. Obviously try to upgrade, either in talent, price tag, or both. If you can’t, then just sign him.

Mike Daniels 43DT
Danny Amendola WR
Kenny Wiggins RG
Rashaan Melvin CB
Sam Martin P
Jermaine Kearse WR
A’Shawn Robinson 43DT
Oday Aboushi RG
Tavon Wilson S
Don Muhlbach LS
Logan Thomas TE
Graham Glasgow C
Miles Killebrew S
Darius Kilgo 43DT
J.D. McKissic WR
Jeff Driskel QB
Steve Longa 43OLB
Dee Virgin CB
Mike Ford CB
Michael Jackson Sr. CB

According to OTC, these are the Lions who will be FAs after this season. Some I suspect will hit the FA market, either their choice or the Lions decline to sign them. Some are on the IR too. Lotsa personnel decisions to make here, a lot depends on who improves over the back half and who doesn’t.

One large question mark could be a guy that’s not on this list: Darius Slay. Will he get traded? Will he hold out if he doesn’t get an extension?

Another one is Taylor Decker; here’s a guy who’s slated to get paid $10.35 mil to play next year. Is he worth it? Those guys don’t come cheap even if they’re just average.

Decisions, decisions.

Slay is as good as gone, I believe. The problem is, Quinn was too stupid to find a trade partner for him a couple weeks ago and now his value is dropping each moment that goes by. We will get what we can for him (guessing 3rd rounder) and Quinn will turn that into a player who was injury prone in college, a safety that runs a 4.9 forty or another tight end, because James sucks.

Quinn has taken two safeties in the 3rd round. One ran a 4.51 and the other a 4.41. The other safety he drafted ran a 4.43.

Ballpark $40m AAV for the 10 guys in this list

Who knows. I don’t think Danny comes back…I think MK Is someone they like on ST. A’Shawn i have read they really like, but who knows.