Oh yeah this team was going to go on a big run to close out the season

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All those posters talking about how the Lions would roll over the rest of the teams on their schedule and handle them all with ease?

All that talk went out the window with stafford going down…

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Sure, because winning 3 out of the first 8 games was pretty special.


I was calling out this team after we got lucky winning vs LAC, and Philly. And was called a idiot.

Stafford or not, we still have a shit feeding bottom defense. We would’ve won today.

I remember because they called me a hater and an idiot too when I mentioned that those games could have went either way very easily.
If you don’t have faith in a shitty team, you are called a hater or an idiot around here apparently.

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Lol, Your very predictable.

Lol. And correct yet again.

Yeah, just like I send we were need to get TDs and not FGs vs GB. How did that work out for us. Refs or not need to score TDs, and that was with Stafford. Who I’m not blaming but Red zone and Turnovers win or lose you the game.

That’s a matter of opinion…

Well that’s Lions fans for you. At the start of training camp anyone who says the Lions will finish in last place is a know-nothing imbecile. Then when the team struggles in pre-season “well it’s just pre-season” then by the end of November “Fire everbody”


Congratulations, you two are the smartest people in the room. Do you feel better now?


Plenty of excuses going on around here.

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Lol. Never said I was, but if people are going to call me out then I’ll shout it back.

None of this has anything to do with who’s smarter. It’s not a competition. It’s just that a lot of you get so overly emotional about ones negative opinion that you look near foolish because this team never backs up y’all assertions. The Lions are a see it to believe it team in all honesty.

I want us to draft a QB in round 3.

Yeah but, the thing is, you are an idiot


This is the proverbial “kick your dog” thread, I take it.

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