OJ Howard

Thoughts on trading for him.

Do we NEED him. Well, no. We just drafted a top 10 TE. We signed James to a decent deal.

But what could we do with him? Seems like mismatch heaven with him and TJ.

I really liked him coming out of college.

It would make me ill if the Pats got him. You know its about to happen.

Why would it make you ill if the Pats got him? We don’t play NE this year and their AFC record doesn’t matter. Every game the Pats, or any other AFC team for that matter (not against the Lions, of course), wins is either a neutral or positive for the Lions, until the Super Bowl.

I would be ill if GB, Minny or Dallas got him.

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Yes please. Let’s dump MORE resources on the least important position on offense. Taking a TE 8th OA and paying another $5.6 million to do absolutely nothing isn’t enough.


The Pats just always make these sorts of moves. They’ll probably land him for a 4th or something, probably a 3rd.

I would hate it if GB got him.