Ok, did I just get Combinized?

With Brown it was also that he weighed in at 326 and it didn’t look like “good weight.” He went from a guy who “could” play a heavy 5t for us to a guy who’s just a DT and probably more NT than 3t. No NT is worth 3 or 5 IMO. He is not Suh or McCoy. He’s maybe a smaller Ngata or Harrison that will also add some pass rush at his ceiling and Ngata was not worth 3 or 5. He’s A’Shawn plus. Pass.

But all we have to do is make it to the playoffs, then he becomes amazing for us because PI is only thrown in the regular season…

Well, the reporters question was worded like a fifth grader grasping for a last minute homework assignment. Still, his too tight coverage creates angst in me.

My issue with Brown. Is you can see the burst and athleticism in game but with a combine like that its like he just didn’t prepare.

He’s been getting by with physical dominance, he ain’t that strong to toss dudes out the club in the NFL.


This is true. And the other side of the same coin is that your pass-rushing DT can be held at will in the playoffs. These absolutely factor in my valuation of players. I now rate CB over DT. Trenches are all-important, but as far as positional value goes, DT has dropped in these Suh/Donald years because they’re neutralized by the NFL’s 2nd rulebook.