Ok Lions fans, Is Patricia done IF he hands in a poor show again in 2020?

Will he get fired if 2020 is yet another 6 win season?  OR does he still have 2021?

Dang! How many new posts do we have to make to ask the same question? If you want people’s opinions: Go look up the previous threads started about this very same subject.


A definite yes IMHO. My personal bar is set at 8, 8 or fewer wins should mean dismissal. And Quinn with him. I believe they have had sufficient time by the time this season is over to build a team that is at least progressing to success. If 9-7 doesn’t cut it then 8-8 or worse shouldn’t either.


The accountability under Martha has actually gotten worse, which seemed impossible. The cheap ways have also gotten worse, or no better. The laziness is at an all time low. 6 wins will be portrayed as doubling the wins, and progress. There will be the Covid excuse, that the Lions will use, that the other 31 teams won’t. There will be injury excuses, like every year, even though they happen to the other 31 teams as well. There will be officials out to get us excuses for the 50th straight year, even though it balances out throughout the league.

The biggest factor, is that Tweedle ding dong and Tweedle dip shit will still be under contract and the Ford’s won’t want to pay them to leave. Plus, Martha will also have to put an add out on Facebook Marketplace to ask if anyone could help her find a new GM.

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Most organizations would have fired him already after 9-22 and saying that 9-7 wasn’t good enough when hiring him so after that blatant lie, I have no idea what is deemed as acceptable to them anymore.


My take is they ALL get 3 seasons, if you haven’t done something noticeable by then your out ! you don’t keep either the GM or HC .

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as long as they are here and we haven’t improved , I think MP has to 2021. to reach 3 seasons.

You can follow another team. It’s free. No rules against it. Bye.


You can continue to be an apologist with no expectations for the rest of your life. It’s free. Nobody cares. Laterz

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The only way he keeps his job is if he loses 50 pounds.

A new soap box for the haters. yay.

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Yes, he’s fired if they go 6-10 unless there are significant injuries that are too great to overlook.

The team is MUCH closer to a finished product than it has been for years. It resembles what you might expect a Patricia team to look like. That’s what makes this do or die. If he loses this year, it’s not with a rebuilding team that he loses, it’s with HIS team that he’d be losing. So, yeah, he’d be out of here and Quinn will be gone with him.


Honestly, Patricia should not be the first man fired. The exact moment the team is unable to win 10 games, Quinn should be shit canned. Then the new GM will take care of the coaching position.

So, with Patricia and Quinn being tied at the penis, Quinn should be shot out of a cannon, then Patricia becomes a dead man walking. In that order. Anything different than that and they should take the franchise away from the Ford family of fuckheads.

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How many years does a head coach get to keep sucking?

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Exactly right

See, I get it, it makes sense.

But this is Ford Fantasy Land.

I think 6-10 gets them one last swing at it in 2021. They can point to being 3 games better, that they lost a couple to bad bounces/calls/the vicissitudes of Football. Etc Bs Blah blah blah.

The Fords will eat that up. Plus they are under contract plus it’s one more bunch of magic beans added to the stew, which is really just coming together now BS etc SOL…

Now I think 5-11 is just too hard to spin that you were actually competitive. 6-10 is two plays from 8-8!


No chance 6-10 brings them back. This team has to be playing meaningful football games in weeks 16 and 17 and I’m not talking about draft position.

There is a substantial difference between what the fans believe the Ford family will tolerate, and what the Ford family will actually in reality tolerate. This has been backed up by 60 years of actual reality field testing and to bet against it is not paying attention

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Everybody here cares or they would not be here. It’s not about being an “apologist” IF your a Lions fan , who in their right mind would apologize for the losing going back 70 years?

Secondly there is no apologies and no excuses either because Lions Fans have lived through , watched, witnessed , the things that have made us lose up close and in REAL LIFE . When a Lions Fan says "these things happened & this is why we lost or lose they are called reasons why we lost. NOT fu@k!n6 "excuses and “apologies”

Posters and people wonder why we are all bitter, sarcastic, mean , downright assholes at times. That is because of the product shown basically each season.

And it’s because they know our -leaders- are generally halfwits that only keep leading us to a full rebuild over and over…

We all have LIVED that sh!7 and had it happen repeatedly , that’s why ! we have no need for excuses or apologies when we are loaded with reasons why we did not win enough…
Here’s a secret Big Ten , Matt Stafford is not one of those reasons, but shhhh don’t tell anyone…ok?

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