Ok Lions fans, Is Patricia done IF he hands in a poor show again in 2020?

Anyone who would answer “no” to this question, I seriously don’t want to ever listen to on football matters again.

Life’s too short to deal with people who are comfortable with losing.

Well, except if Caldwell was still head coach, it likely would still have been Jim Bob Cooter in charge of the offense. Bevell wouldn’t be here.

I didn’t interpret as a “what would you or I do” type of question, but rather what you think the Fords will do.

Myself, after inexplicably drafting a TE at No. 8 overall and/or not trading down when there were clearly opportunities to do so, and going 3-12-1, Quinn & Patricia are gone.

We have to win more games than we lose and that’s a minimum (IFF we have our QB most of the year). Theoretically, we could win 10 games and still not make the playoffs in our Conference. If that happens, the staff stays.

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ha ha ha , got to win 10 games first .

Playoffs or 10 wins minimum is my guess if they want to stick around.

Can you imagine playing an NFL game with no fans in the stands for the first time ever?
They should just cancel the season.
I’m inclined to say no to axing Matty, Bob, (and Matt?). Just because nothing is normal, right now.
But, a promise is a promise.

Somethings gotta give fish , as a franchise, we won ten games one time in 2011 & 11 games once in 2014.

we fell one game shy of ten wins in both 2016 AND 2017, both 9-7 seasons.

every other season dating back to 2001, we were 3 or more points away from ten win seasons.

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As a fan if the Lions are not playing meaningful games in December then it is time for a change. After 2 years of losing seasons and all of the turnover on the roster getting Patricia’s guys in place the time is now. Just to clarify I expect the Lions to be in the Playoff hunt after Thanksgiving. To be a little more precise( in case the schedule gets moved around) the Lions need to be in the hunt for the Playoffs beyond week 14 without having to win out to make it. The actually number of wins means little to me at this time with the expanded playoff picture, there is not enough evidence to know how many wins it will take to get into the playoffs and they are what matter to me.

IF we don’t see 10 or 11 wins , I’m going to be P O’ed !

Do you really feel this way? I’m kind of looking forward to the novelty of it, should it happen. I just want to see the competition. I think the Lions have a shot at the division and I really don’t care who is in the stands.

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I see both points. By the time fall rolls around, I will be dying to watch any brand of football. However, it there are no fans, it will feel like a scrimmage or a practice than a real game. Fans are part of the dynamic in most sports.

On the other hand, they are going to have to put on an even longer delay to the coverage, as there is going to be a HUGE increase of players dropping F bombs that will be easily heard over the air now. Maybe they shouldn’t bleep that stuff out, just to make it more interesting.

Doesn’t matter all that much how I feel. Stafford says he feeds off of the crowd noise. I’m thinking they all do.
Got together with my old band in the garage (open door, 6 feet apart) last weekend. It was fun, but, the garage is nothing like the stage.
I can totally relate. They will most likely be lackluster and mechanical.
That said, “no”, I don’t really want any of this, but, I’m nobody. Just a number. Thankful I’m not in a nursing home.

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Stafford has said he’s cool with it. It’s like playing a home game on offense when you’re on the road. “I’m a QB, I like quiet” to paraphrase.

As far as the rest of the players, I think they’ll feed off competition like they normally do. Mano a mano. And I think players play for TV audiences too - they love to think there are millions watching.

Why don’t you put on a show for the neighbors, social distance style?

I’ll you what, for me personally I’ve just had my brain assaulted by so much nonsense over the past few months, seeing all the crazy on social media etc., that I decided to go back and start reading stoic philosophy to cleanse my mind and spirit. It’s a great tonic. It does matter how you feel, in fact, it matters a lot. Because it’s the only thing in life that’s truly within your control.

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We did go live on Facebook Friday. Not the same.

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