Ok, sky is not completely falling

And today they have a better record than us!


Had band practice this afternoon. My keyboard player is from Chicago. He’s not going to be happy.

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Minnesota played a very good game - almost mistake free even in execution each play. We played well on offense but were outmatched on defense. It happens - hopefully they don’t play quite as well next time.

Only he gets to ask the questions around here, but never be questioned. Get with the program!!!

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Eh … I’ve nearly returned to apathetic
They need to win the next two to get my interest again
I’ll watch the games I suppose
But I expect to be napping by the 3rd quarter

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CHI was 3-3 at this point last year and they won the division. Our division is going to beat up on each other all year and as a result I think 10-6 or 11-5 max will win our division.

The Lions can easily win this division still. We’re banged up badly on defense and yet we just hung with 3 very good teams. Two of them in our own division.

In order to win the division the Run blocking has to get better. I think it can. They were better last year than so far this year. Some of that has to do with who we have played so far. The rest falls on the OL gelling.

The run defense and pass rush has to be better. Honestly I highly expect this to improve if the DL can get healthy.

I still have faith because I see a gritty team on the field that is playing hard, physical football.

It won’t shock me if we spilt with every NFCN team this year. But I think we can and still win the division if we do. The rest of our schedule is set up perfectly for a nice run to win the division.

Let me add this too … our offense is still new and they haven’t hit their full potential yet. Bevell knows how to use RB’s but TE’s have never been his strong suit. I think eventually they will figure it all out. Hopefully before it’s not too late.

We just dropped 30 on the Vikings. No team has done that this year and only the Saints and Rams did it last year. We need to get more production out of the run game, but there’s no doubt this offense can put up some points.


The problem isn’t the offense. We are damn near at the bottom is rush defense, pass defense, points allowed, yards allowed, sacks, and every other meaningful stat.

Flat out, our defense sucks. Sure, if we get a couple guys back from injury, that could help the depth, but we aren’t good at the start of the game when everyone is fresh. The scheme is awful and I don’t think getting Bryant, and/or Hand and/or Daniels will take us from garbage to good in a flash.

Green Bay is looking at 12 wins minimum. They are already at 6 with 9 games left.

KC - without Mahomes. I’d call that 50/50
Chargers - They suck. That’s a W
Carolina - In Green Bay. I’d give that 65/35 edge to the Pack
San Fran - I think they are a fraud, but Ill give the Pack a loss here for fun, since its a road game.
Giants and Washington - Win and Win
Bears at home - Win
Vikes and Lions on the road - Split

Even being a Packer hater, which I am, I still can’t find a real path where they lose more than 3 more games.

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This is exactly what the league wanted, so I agree that its going to happen one way or another. The Pack will most likely be in the NFC Championship game, if not the Super Bowl this year.

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And I on the other hand think that the Packers are about to go on a 4 game losing streak. They are questionable better then only the Panthers and are clearly less talented then the CHiefs, 49ers and even the Chargers. Not to mention having to go to both Minny and Detroit, neither of which look like wins for the Packers at this point. So that is either 5 or 6 loses for the Pack.

I agree that the Lion’s defense has taken a big step back from last season, though I am not convince that it isn’t due to injuries/mistakes, yet. Now if the Lions cannot figure somethings out and find someway to at least reduce the amount of damage being done then it will be a long season for us fans.

I say Pack get 12 wins. Are you saying 9 then? Gentleman’s bet?

Yes 9 sounds about right, as of today. I would even say that I do not think that the Packers will take the Division. After watching both games against the Lions, the VIkings looked better then both the Lions and the Packers. Not to mention that it took outside influence for the Packers to get a win over the Lions in GB, I do not see that happening at the end of the season in Detroit. The one question mark I have is Carolina, so if you go 12 and I go 9 then a record of 10 or 11 and we both agree that we both were wrong?

The Packers beat the Vikings

You are correct, but that was before the Vikings got their Offense going. Not to mention that it was a 5 point game, so yes I believe the Vikings can beat the Packers in Minny later this season. The Packers have done nothing, IMO, that makes me believe that they are any better then a 8 and 8 team who might get 1 more win.

Bingo! Not the whole defense, either. Mainly the Line and Davis. At least the Dline players have the excuse of being gassed from a lack of rotation. Davis just sucks.
The defenses downfall stems from the inability to pressure the QB. Fix that and we have a chance, right now.

Not if they tie Carolina and go 11-4-1. :wink:

Well played, well played lol :sweat_smile:

I know the Vikings “can” beat the Packers. But you said it like it was a lock, when the teams have already played. The Vikings got cheated out of a touchdown, with one of the only times the league has actually delivered a pass interference call from the review instead of the field. It was disgraceful to watch them cheat for the Packers like that.

The Vikings put up 28 the week before they played the Packers and 34 the week after. I’d say their offense “was going” at the time.

I kinda agree. It seems the league wants the Packers in the SB this year. I’ll say this if that happens the only way it happens is with a lot of help. If it does than this very well could do it for me as an NFL fan.

In my opinion GB lost to both Min and Det but was gifted both wins. I really believe Det can beat GB at home and the Vikes are a better team than GB is.

I do not see GB as the lock that others do unless the league is going to gift wrap it for them.