Okay, Who's Poo-poo'd?

On a scale of 1 - 10. Hell, nobody’s driving.

I’m at a five, saddens me really…

Only a 4, but calling it. Would rather sleep well and get back into home schooling in the morning.

I’ve been hoping for and anticipating his arrival since January (even started following Okudah on Twitter then). I’m not at 10 because you pot-lickers got me thinking about trade-downs and there’s a little disappointment in not getting Okudah+ a pick, but I’m certainly content with the pick.

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Probably a 4…

I’ve been popping Okudah video for awhile. Feeling better, but dammit, it’s Hock all over again.

i’m fine. I was fine before the draft, during the pick and right now. The only time i get down is when i get on here and read certain posts. Hell, even during the season when we are losing i’m down for a few hours and then by sunday night football im good, unless i come here. I am good with the pick. I am good with BQ and MP until they are no longer running the team. This is not millenesqure despite what some might say…this really isn’t that bad compared to what we have dealt with over the years…

I didn’t really care who we picked except simmons…didnt want him. I figured it was going to be Okudah…Jeff Risdon was saying the LIons were going to take Okudah and his sources were 100% certain in this unless a CY drop since January.