Okudah over Young conversation

There is a video attached. Thought it was worth sharing to the ongoing conversation we are having.

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There should be no conversation to be had. If Young is there at 3 you take him without a second thought. An elite player, at a premium position. He’s a game wrecker.

I could see the Lions doing it, though. I can’t think of a worse scenario than taking Okudah at 3. That is the worst possible outcome in my eyes. You take either Chase Young or Tua at 3, or you trade down to 5 and take Simmons or an OT. Okudah doesn’t even deserve to be in the conversation in the top 5, but here we are.

Young/ Simmons affect the game in so many ways. You don’t really have to game plan around Okudah. Young and Simmons have to be schemed against and they take over games. A CB does not have the ability to take games over.

Okudah is not an elite physical talent. Young and Simmons are. Both are freaks. If someone would say, they would prefer Simmons over Young I would disagree, but not think they were too crazy. If someone says that they would take Okudah over Young at 3 they deserve to be openly mocked. Young is as a pretty much of a no brainer/ slam dunk pick at 3 as you can get.

Okudah doesn’t even belong in the same conversation as Young and Simmons. I will say it again… If Quinn takes Okudah at 3 he should be fired on the spot, or the league should step in and do it for the team. If he takes Okudah at 3, he does not deserve to work in the NFL, in any capacity ever again.


Okudah is every bit the talent Chase is …Just at a different position.

The idea of the thread is why you select an Elite CB over a Elite DE…More importantly here with our Defense and this Lions team.
Not some convoluted take on Okudah that is not backed up with anything of substance on what Okudah is as a prospect …I don’t disagree on taking Chase at #3 he is a stud, just the idea that Okudah is not one and that Quinn should be axed for taking an extremely high value position of CB on a team and system that truly covets CB’s

Give me some substance here …I will copy and paste what I asked someone else who also thinks Chase Young’s impact here will be game changing …

Chase Young is not going to have a Bosa like impact here for us in 2020…This insane take by most of …(look what Bosa did for SF) is nonsense and does not apply here…Bosa was the cherry on top in SF

Bosa was a DE added to a Defensive line that was made up entirely of 1st round draft picks in Bosa himself, Dee Ford, Buckner, Armstead, S.Thomas.

That D-Line is the creation of 5 of the last 6 Drafts #2, #3 #7 #17 #23… 1st round picks

Kris Kocurek installed a Schwartz like Wide 9, 1 gap, attacking style scheme to pair with that elite group of talent.

While we drafted Ebron, Tomlinson, Decker, Davis, Ragnow & Hockenson in the same time frame .

Enlighten me please …Make me believe, how here with us the value of a CB in this system we run is less value then what Chase Young would bring here with us …

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Agree 100%


This is my exact fear. I can really see the Lions thinking this way and making this mistake.

Justin Rogers weighs in on this topic:

► Q: I saw a mock where the Dolphins traded up to get Tua at No. 2 and we picked Okudah over Young. Do you see anyway this happening? — @KolbuszJason

► A: There is at least some reason to believe Young could be available for the Lions at No. 3. First, are we really convinced Dwayne Haskins is the guy in Washington, especially with a new coach, Ron Rivera, not tied to the former first-round selection?

That’s one path for Young to be available for Detroit. The other is Washington trading out of that spot, as the mentioned projection suggests, so Miami (or another team) can get their franchise quarterback in Tua Tagovailoa.

The second part of your question is whether the Lions would pass on Young for Okudah. My initial reaction is no way, but I know that’s not entirely true. First and foremost, the Lions defense are grounded in New England roots, and that system values coverage more than pass rush.

Another example of that New England philosophy is on display in Miami, where the Dolphins have two of the three highest-paid cornerbacks in the NFL after signing Byron Jones to a massive five-year deal in free agency.

Additionally, I’ve reached out to some scouts about Okudah. They’ve all raved about the talent and football character. Good luck finding anyone who has scouted him in person who will say anything bad about the kid. One scout even told me he’d take the cornerback over Young, if it was their decision.

I still think the Lions choose Young in this scenario, but it’s not cut and dry.


My fear is we take Chase Young and ask the elite pass rusher he is to play in a manner and role like we did with Kennard …which would be a proverbial neutering of Chase Young’s real strength & value …If that would be the plan for Young, give me Okudah all day long if more of the same 3 and 4 man rushes we deploy are going to be on tap for 2020


Here’s another article on it from SI. Referencing the PFF article too.

“It is believed he is ready to join an organization and immediately pay dividends.”

Really? I thought he was going to join the Red Cross instead.

There is no bad outcome with either player.
Both will play here at all pro levels.
The difference being some will bitch every day the guy plays for us because they didn’t get the player they knew was better than the one Quinn selects. The only qualifier will be that person knew better than Bob Quinn, so Quinn should be fired.
For those of you who are too dim to glean meaning from that gem, I’ll state it flat out. Some guys here will parse it so that selecting one all pro would be better than selecting another because something.
Well, from some stories I gather that Chase Young had worked very hard to beat the achievements reached by the Bosa boys, shooting high to become the best. Then, I read Okudah’s letter to his mother about working as hard as he can to pay back his mother, his family and the area from whence he came. Both seem like the kind of player we need. If it’s a defensive end and we need pressure on the QB, I’m good. If it is a corner because everyone needs a shutdown corner, I’m good, too. They are both day one starters with elite upside.

I personally favor a defensive end. I will be happiest if we get Chase Young. I won’t be kicking myself if we trade down and get Okudah or Simmons for that matter and other draft assets. I just don’t see a bad pick here, no matter what anyone prefers.


Yep, taking Okudah at 3 might be even worse than taking a tight end at #8 and that was really, really dumb.


I honestly can’t believe we are still having this conversation.

If Young is available you run to the podium…err…telephone/zoom bridge.

I have no fear of Young being misused here as Quinn/Patricia will be gone soon. I’m so sick of this Patriot way crap.

Make your own damn identity. Use your talent to their strengths.

Chase Young is a game wrecker. Don’t get cute.


For the record I’d draft Young over Okudah and it isn’t even close. Because Patricia F’d up the Slay situation they are in desperate need for a #1 CB so they might not choose the best player available. The disappointment might not be as hard to take if they trade down and get another first rd pick.That said, the folks at PFF seem to think Okudah is the best value in Patricia’s scheme if the choice is Jeff Okudah or Chase Young.

If they do draft Young I would hope they will use more of a 4-3 to take advantage of his strengths. I know Jeff Risdon seems to think the Lions will use a 4-3 more for whatever reason. I respect Jeff but many of the players signed in free agency are ex NE types who fit the multi-positional scheme Patricia favors. Jamie Collins is a perfect example.

Belichick always said he will use whatever defense it takes to win and has no favorites.

I’m a big believer in mixing it up too but favor a 4-3 if they don’t have the players to pull it off like last season. For the current system Okudah is the bigger value. Belichick has paid CB’s big time money while letting go some of his best DE’s… In the last few years he has let Trey Flowers leave in free agency and traded pro bowler Chandler Jones a year before his deal was up.

I just shake my head at the thought of passing on arguably the best player in the draft outside of the QB’s. He looks like a generational edge player and the Lions had one of the worst pass rushes and defenses in the league last year.

I’d love a trade down but do not trust Quinn to draft well with the extra picks.

My concern/fear is that Okudah is selected over Young, not based upon talent, but personality and culture fit. Young seems to have a Slay-like personality while Okudah seems more like a Trey Flowers personality.

If that’s the reason, Quinn should be fired. Or, looking at it another way, that may be the decision that gets him fired.

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I think the point of the conversation is really that it’s not cut and dried. And though I’m no fan of Quinn, there are variables that might influence their decision other than “tHeiR sT0opId”.


Yeh i get it.

I just think we are the only team in the NFL that people would be having this conversation about.

Washington’s d-line is light years ahead of ours…but not a single sane person is talking about Okudah over Young for the skins (that I know of).

I would argue their DB situation is worse than ours. Trufant/Coleman/Walker I would take over any combination of 3 DB’s on the Skins.


Elite to very good pass rushers are hard to find. Exhibit 10238: Dallas signing a guy who has been out of football for four years to a $4 Million deal.

I’m sure you’re right about that. I think we all understand the scheme here and the Belichick influence just enough to give the Okudah talk wings. At the end of the day, I still consider Young to DC a 99% likelihood.

I don’t know enough about Okuhdah, but Young is like the best prospect in the draft and on top of that DE is like the most important position on D in todays game. I agree that they should take young and not think twice, but it’s Quinn we’re talking about.


We cannot lose with either player. My pick is Young.

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