Okudah - pass

I think Lions should trade down and pass on Okudah (unless he falls to them). The Lions can use another early draft pick that teh #3 would give them. There are plenty of other CB’s you can get late 1st and early 2nd round. I really like other CB’s in this draft and would be happy with Henderson, Fulton, Terrell, Diggs.


Okudah is my third option after Chase and Simmons. Anyone else concerned with Okudah catching balls down the field at the combine. It was shockingly bad.
I definitely want a trade down if Chase is off the board.

I think Okudah and Henderson are guys that you can plug in and take very very few lumps as a rookie. Those two have the potential to shut down sides of the field very early on. Okudah is a stud against the run and you know Patricia is drooling over that aspect of his game. He’s tough. Henderson has some shall we say aversion in his game. That’s the difference between top 5 and top 15-20. But I’d be happy with either. People look at the 4.48 and say that’s not special. Well 6’1 205 with a 41" vertical sure the heck is! That is some serious hops and he’s not shy at all. This is what you want in a guy to go against all these Golladay types out there.

I think a guy like Diggs is intriguing. But he’s less polished day one IMO. I’ve schemed it out a bunch by now, and I’m convinced we can take Okudah, Ideally at 5 with a TD, and still get the pass rush help we all want. Pass rushers have a tendency to be able to have success right away as rookies.

A guy like: Chaisson (TD w LV for Henderson and Chaisson with 1a and 1b, we give up 3 and our 4th rounder) will get home next season. So will Kinlaw, Gross-Matos, Baun, Lewis, Uche, Anae, Blacklock, Gallimore, Weaver, Madubuike, Elliot, Greenard… There are really deep pools of talent in this draft, but there are also very real valleys. After round one, you are nearly screwed at starting CB. Gladney may be there, then you are struggling IMO.

TD Miami



Henderson/ Chaisson

I agree with you about the CBs, I really like both Okudah and Henderson and think they can plug in right away.

I disagree strongly about the pressure guys, I think this is a frightening class for potential busts. Gross-Matos, for example, while he has all of the tools you could want from a DE, where was the production? When I watch his tape I get I can’t help but notice how often he gets run out of position… he continuously takes the bait the offense is throwing at him. I don’t like to see that in a prospect at all. While he’s got a high ceiling, I think he’s also got an extremely low floor.

I feel the same about Kinlaw and Chaisson… freakishly high ceilings but really low floors too. Kinlaw gets by on sheer tenacity which you love to see, but I wish he had some semblance of processing to go with it. He won’t be able to win in the NFL on his athletic gifts and try-hard alone. Like Kinlaw, Chaisson is an unbelievable athlete with a high ceiling, but he’s raw as a football player as well. These guys can’t win in the league the way they won in college, will they adjust? Jarrad Davis, Ernie Sims and Boss Bailey were great athletes too.

Other guys make me nervous cause of their injury history (Lewis), less-than-ideal fit (Blacklock, Uche, Baun, Elliott), and lack of NFL-level athleticism (Weaver).

I feel pretty safe about Anae but his issue is a lower ceiling… can his savvy and strength make up for his average athleticism and short arms (which might keep us from drafting him anyway)? I like Greenard too for his crazy strength at that spot, which always seems to work out for us.

But overall, I definitely don’t see it as a draft where we can count on getting help with pressure. We might, like I said there’s a lot of high ceilings here, it’s just there’s a lot of potential for bust too.

Agreed. It’s a bad draft for edge guys. You didn’t mention Epenesa. I know that you’ve stated in the past that you like him well enough. I suppose that your Anae take fits for him as well but I think A.J.’s ceiling is a bit higher. His athleticism on the field certainly played up a bit more than he tested. Not that Epenesa ever struck me as a wow run/jump athlete but I’ve seen him close out on some mobile QBs and in general do some things that you wouldn’t expect out of a 5.0 40 guy.

I’m nervous that he won’t make it to 35 but if we get Okudah in round 1 A.J. would be my preference in round 2. That’s even moreso the case due to the dearth of quality edge defenders and considering his scheme fit

You’re right, I was only responding to the guys 3rd listed, but I would love to nab Epenesa with our 2nd round pick… I might even trade up for him (especially if we trade-down from 3 and add extra picks).

The strength guys tend to work out in our style of defense better than the bendy guys, and that’s the style of player Belichick and his ilk have always seemed to prefer. Of course that means there’s a minefield of picks in the 20s Epenesa would have to make it through, but I would like getting him in the 2nd, very high floor. I was more lukewarm to the idea of him when it was a high-1st-rounder being tossed around.

You’re right, I missed him. I just like G-M a little better as I think his ceiling is a little higher physically. Espenesa would slide right in at LDE and give us 7-8 sacks and wouldn’t let us down against the run. Just another example. The rushers I name are about traits that I like and think will translate well in our system at either LDE, JACK or DT respectively. We can get rushers in all three of those spots in this draft that will be better than we have now IMO. A healthy Hand and a guy like Blaylock may run into a competition for snaps, but great problem to have if/when Hand gets nicked. I these guys would succeed here as a package like pairing say a Chaisson/Blaylock/Anae with Shelton, Collins, Flowers that could make this thing go within what we know we are going to likely do with this defense. I won’t come off Young at three barring the second coming of the Herschel Walker trade. We have those three spots to add pass rushers in this draft, then other stuff certainly. I think we can, but we’ll see how many WR’s, QB’s, OT’s and Punters they take…

Okudah shouldn’t be drafted in the top 12… there are several bad GMs out there, though. Bob Quinn being one of them. If the Lions take Okudah it will be as bad as the Hockenson/ Ebron picks.


Drafting Okudah at #3 would be landing one of the few ELITE prospects in the draft . Getting him at #5 even better .

A stud CB with Elite skill sets that is the best CB prospect since Peterson . It’s a dream set up at #3 with Chase and Okudah

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IE: If a GM actually proves me wrong, it’s him that’s wrong, because he’s a bad GM… as I type on my forum posts…

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Yea this forum has a lot of unemployed GM’s.

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Henderson avoids tackles like you want to avoid virus I don’t want him i can handle some ideas for a CB just not him. I want Okudah but can except some other ideas unlike many here. I am not fan of Isaiah Simmons either at number 3

I would take a pick of Kinlaw even Brown before i pick Simmons

I agree that Okudah is the cream of the crop in the CB class. (when combined with size, skill set, and character)

Okudah was my pick for the longest too. I now feel we need more talent from the 1st round. (more picks)