Okudah, the Lions' CBs Position Group and How the Draft Fell

I went back and forth hard between Okudah and Derrick Brown. I love them both and I am more than fine with drafting Okudah. O love this kid even though he blew up my mock because I switched to Brown!

Here is the Lions new looking CB position group…and I love this:
Desmond Trufant, Jeffery Okudah, Justin Coleman, Amani Oruwariye, Jamal Agnew and then Darryl Roberts/Tony McRae/Mike Ford and so on. There is a whole lot to like there. A whole lot.

In the end Okudah, Henderson, AJ Terrell, Damon Arnette, Noah Igbinoghene and Jeff Gladney all go round one. Wow. Six CBs. Talk about depth at that position. And there are still at least two really solid CBs left that should go rd. 2 including Kristian Fulton and Jaylon Johnson. To me there will be trades as CB desperate teams will want to grab one of the remaining two really solid CBs available including the Cowboys and maybe the Broncos?

I see six OTs also went and that is no surprise. Also six WRs meaning over half of the first round was a CB/OT or WR. Crazy. 4 QBs go rd. 1 too. That is 22 of 32 players drafted. Of the remaining ten there were 2 DTs, 4 LBers (Simmons, Patrick Queen, Jordyn Brooks and Murray), 1 RB, 1 Center and 2 DEs (Chase Young and Chaisson). That is your 32 players selected by position.

I am very happy with our CB position group. I am surprised so many CBs went rd. 1 which makes me happy we got the #1 guy as pressure to trade back for a CB may yield a solid return in rd. 2.

Thoughts on our CB position group and how this draft fell?

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We’re better than last year in more ways than 1. The talent level among the CB group is a net gain. They’re also adding character and a love of competition that we saw them value in Hockenson last year. They’re adding blue-chip talent, yes, but the make-up of that person shows intelligence, desire and intensity.

You’re right that there is trade bait at the top of the 2nd, too. CB, WR, 43-DE.

I think our CB position group is adequate, but it won’t matter much, because we had the worst pass rush in football and we haven’t done jack shit to improve it.

Also, I guarantee there will be at least 2 or 3 CBs released this summer that we could have gotten that will be better this year than rookie Okudah. It’s just the way that position works. It is not hard to get a very good CB in free agency or via trade. Yet, we whizzed away a #3 pick on one that will have to be developed by a staff that fielded the worst defense in the NFL.

The Eagles needed a CB. You know what they did? Gave up a lower 3rd round pick and got one.

You think Coleman and Trufant are good players? Me too. Guess what? We got both of them via free agency. People let good CBs go all the time. People trade them for pennies on the dollar all the time. Wasting a #3 pick on one is stupid, which is why the last time it happened was 25 years ago and that guy happened to be the best PLAYER in college football. Not the 5th best player on his college team, like Okudah.


The amount of CB’s gone in rd 1 clearly show the league values the position more then I believed. In what now appears to be a deep positional group, we got the top guy. A good player, a great prospect.
Now… if the position was so in dire need, as the amount of players taken shows, and we were actively searching for a trade down, why couldn’t we net one? It’s an unanswerable question without true inside knowledge, but it doesn’t add up to me.
I wanted day one impact, but am of the belief Okudah doesn’t offer that. By year 3, we truly could have a top notch shut down corner, so the future looks bright.

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Honestly I don’t understand why folks have the opinion that Okudah will not have an impact as a rookie.

First, Okudah will not be a #1 CB here. That is Trufant (who folks want to forget is on the roster). Okudah as a rookie has a real shot at being MUCH better than a Rashaad Melvin year one. That bar isn’t very high. As a #2 CB that fits our scheme yes it seems like this kid is gonna play and play a lot for us as a rookie.

Second…I know some folks don’t think Okudah is Patrick Peterson BUT…Peterson started games as a rookie and though he went through growing pains it should be noted Okudah is a #2 CB here. So when he does struggle how much worse is he going to be versus DJ Hayden or R. Melvin? My guess is on par with those guys as a rookie and I am okay with that.

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“On par with those guys”
See… here’s my problem. The D sucks. We need it to be better. The first pick of the draft doesn’t feel to me to have made the D better day 1. Unless we’re rebuilding the team. But these guys need to win now.
Luckily for you, I’m generally dead wrong in these types of observations. He’ll step in day one and play DROY type football. In which case, I can keep being that crazy moron who hated the pick.
My bright side: this regime won’t be much better then last year, and will have to be let go. The next regime will have a great cb prospect who’ll have already taken his lumps in the nfl.


By trading slay, not paying him a big contract, and drafting a replacement the Lions saved a lot of money overall. But, they better use it. That is one problem I have with Quinn. The amount he rolled over last year, and the amount free in cap space he has this year is too big. Use some of that cash… get some better players. Everson Griffin is sitting there without a team. So are guys like Cordy Glenn, Josh Kline, etc. Hopefully we make a little run after the draft for some of the positions we missed out on.


Trufant is a really good CB. On par with Slay. Okudah only has to be better than R. Melvin in 2020 to be better than 2019. I think that will happen.

Okudah/Trufant to me is better than Slay/Melvin and then we have Coleman, a more experienced AO and Agnew with additional depth. That to me is better. And in 2021 WAY better. But also better in 2020.

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It all sounds good in theory. But is the team better? Are they more capable of winning 10 games now that they saved some money?
I just can’t trust these moves all point to more wins. Well, more wins this season. They seem like good “down-the-road”, long term changes. I mean, we need that. But does it matter if you’re going to get fired, and a new guy, with a new vision, and a new plan, is going to step in and start it all over again?
I just want to win now. And I don’t think we accomplished that this offseason.

The team is being re-shaped right now. Cap space is nice as there will be players available via trade and free agent signing after the draft. We could trade for the DE/OLBer from the Jaguars for example depending on how the draft falls. The Lions could also add say Prince A. at CB on a one year deal too. RB Freeman is also out there. I am noting there are moves to be made and ways to use cash to help this club in 2020.

I love adding Odkuah to this roster. I like that we have cap $ available to use. This is a strong position to be in as the defense is re-built.

And in a deep draft it is clear teams covet the ability to cover WRs in a passing league with 6 CBs going off the board in rd. 1.

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I also just saw on Rotoworld that Larry Warford was going to have to compete for his roster spot with the Saints picking Cesar Ruiz:
" Coach Sean Payton said incumbent RG Larry Warford is “going to have to compete” for his job after the Saints selected C Cesar Ruiz with the No. 24 overall pick Thursday night."

Don’t forget the trade market after the draft too. I would welcome Warford back here at ROG in 2020. The Saints may be interested in a MLBer and we may be interested in a guard. Plenty of ways to flush this team out still.

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Fair enough. There’s still time and players to grab.
But the fact the team is being reshaped four years into Quinn’s regime is a bright cherry red flag.

Not really. We are in year three of moving to Patricia’s defense. The offense has also received attention. Year three is big for a reason as it is the put up or shut up year for these guys and they know it.

Damon Harrison was a failure move. That is why I expected Derrick Brown but instead we added a great scheme fit CB in Okudah. Awesome. But 2019 was a lost year and you don’t get two lost years.


Agree :fist_left:

This is the most damning critique of Quinn’s tenure here. Flurry of action every off-season that adds up to treading water in overall talent on the roster. Yes, we got a premier talent at a position of need last night. We also got rid of a premier talent at that position last month. The most you can get out of that equation is marginal improvement–if you’re lucky.

This approach would be fine if we were a perennial playoff team continually churning good expensive players for good cheap ones. But we’re a 3-13 dumpster fire that needs to add talent everywhere, not just fill holes.


Trufant filled the hole created by Slay leaving. Okudah becomes our #2 and replaces Rashaad Melvin/DJ Hayden. That is a net upgrade day one to me.

I don’t see it that way. Slay was a baller but he is nearing the end of his career and was looking to be the top paid corner in the game. Okudah is a much higher rated prospect coming out. The CB group is not treading water, adding Trufant and Okudah is an upgrade, and not a small one IMO.

Let’s see who the Lions get with the 3rd and 5th they got for Slay. We haven’t even got the roster benefit of trading Darius yet. If they get a player on the level of a Kenny G, how would you feel about that?


Evidently Snacks, Ashawn, Daniels, Kennatrd, GG, Melvin, Wagner, were failures as well, then of course there’s the disgruntled that left. That’s a lot of turnover. ESPECIALLY on the Dline and Oline.

Remember them saying you build from the ball out? We took a CB…Dennard, Amakumura, Ryan still out there mind you . We took a CB

Can’t stop the run, can’t pressure the QB. Our big Dline signing played 48% of the snaps last yr…we sign a CB.

I have a sinking feeling we pass on the BPA to reach for a lower rated player to fill a hole created by our GM, in his 5th yr.

Sorry for the negativity, but 5 yrs in still working on the Oline, still no run game, our Dline is a joke, I have no patience left, nor any faith. As always will hope for the best, but there’s no optimism they can actually build a team when they can’t even get the very basic premise of their own philosophy


I would still feel like this team is going to be garbage this year, followed by a total overhaul of the front office and coaching staff.

This is a 3-13 roster, and the front office is making moves as if we were 10-6. Actually building a winner would have required different decisions a year ago, two years ago. There is nothing this regime can do to field a competitive team this year, this is a wasted season. Hopefully this draft will produce some worth while talent for the next coaching staff.

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I dunno, to get their guys on D was going to take some time. I look at the Lions as more of an 8-8 type team… last year. For obvious reasons.

The CB group has been upgraded. Adding Collins to the LB corps is an upgrade. Shelton vs. 2019 Snacks is an upgrade. Harmon is a good piece at S. If the D doesn’t not make major strides in 2020 then I agree it’s time to blow it up. But I think if they add a few guys today that can further improve the D, say an Epenesa at edge and a DT that can play a rotational role, then I’m optimistic they can be much better.