Okudah vs c.j henderson

I know okudah is the number one corner off the board most assume that c.j henderson is second then there sems to be a drop off. How muck better is okaduh then henderson ,ex if okudah is a A what would henderson be

It is a big drop off from okudah. Pretty much the rest of the cbs are late 1st early 2nd type guys including Henderson. Okudah is a blue chipper and Henderson is a slightly high ceiling, raw type player. Okudah could step in and play right away like the Ramsey, Peterson type guys. Henderson would need to play spot duty for a while and develop. Corner makes for a hard transition to the NFL. Only the elite guys can do it right away.

It seems to me that there’s a serious drop off after Henderson.

Good stuff appease . the scouting reports seem to say same thing but i trust you guys far more. Thank u again

There is a bit down to Fulton/Diggs/Gladney. One of the reasons why Okudah is the best bad option in the top 5 (hopefully we can TD w Miami at least), is that there is a tangible drop to Henderson, BUT he is really good from a traits standpoint. But then it really goes downhill from a “sure thing” CB2 standpoint. Fulton is stiff has trouble locating the ball, and was suspended for masking a drug test (sound familiar) but has first round ability (late). Diggs is probably my favorite as far as upside, but he’s a former WR and missed time in 2018 to a broken foot. So he is still learning the position. Speed is a bit of a concern for him and he seems to have the clutchy grabby tag. Gladney will be overdrafted but may be on option for us in the 2nd.

I could see a scenario, where we TD with Miami and go with the experts here that you don’t take a CB that high. Then Henderson goes before even the best case scenario 1B of Miami and get their 18. That is highly likely IMO. Then we are looking at Fulton/Diggs/Gladney/AO and Ford for CB2. I could live, but when I look at all the front seven talent in the 2nd and 3rd round of this draft compared to CB?? Well, for me that points to getting either Okudah or Henderson out of the first. Best way to do that is TD w Miami to 5 for Okudah or TD w LV to get to 12 and take Henderson there. From there with what else we could get from LV for that trade, there are a lot of positions we can still fill out of deeper talent pools. Which makes a lot of sense. Every draft is different and each team post FA has different needs. Hard and fast rules are silly. Be logical and put the best team you can on the field in 2020.

Rgr in your opinion can henderson start game 1 and be productive or would we have to sign a vet to hold it down for half the season?

Mock draft with Henderson going No. 9 overall to the Jags:

9. Jacksonville Jaguars – C.J. Henderson, CB, Florida: It didn’t take a year for the Jags to offload the once imposing corner tandem of Jalen Ramsey and A.J. Bouye. Then their free agent deal with Darqueze Dennard fell apart. There appears to be a significant drop-off at the position after Okudah and Henderson, a gifted athlete who can guard receivers outside or in the slot.

Henderson is plenty good enough to start as a Rookie. Especially as your number 2 CB. Like
Most rookie CB’s he will have some growing pains. His coverage skills are darn good. Tackling could improve. However he has elite speed and that will help him as a rookie. I actually think Henderson could end up being the best CB in this draft. Even better than Okudah.

I prefer a double trade down and drafting Henderson over taking Okudah at 3 by far.

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I think he’d win the competition and start day one. But it wouldn’t surprise me if another vet is also added to improve our depth.

Good stuff rgt so a double trade down or a trade down to 9 and we can still get a great corner love it. Thank u

From a straight-up coverage point of view, Henderson is in the same class as Okudah. Actually, he might be a shade stickier if we don’t let either use their hands. Henderson just has natural gifts for being able to shadow guys.

However, when it comes to tackling, hand use, bullying, leadership, toughness, coachability, football IQ, and just plain being a good dude and teammate, Okudah’s a far superior prospect to Henderson. He’s already got a vet’s savvy with his hand use, which mitigates whatever advantages Henderson might have from being slightly more fluid.


I was going to post exactly that. Henderson makes business decisions. Okudah doesn’t shy away from contact.

Not sure that Henderson is better in coverage though. He may be a bit stickier but Okudah’s wingspan and timing is elite. He’s plenty sticky as well.

Henderson is really good. I just think MP wants more physicality.


Yeah, I didn’t mean it to come off as he’s better, just that he’s in the same league. That’s where their similarities are. Henderson thrives with fluidity and just a preternatural sense for body movement, while like you say, Okudah’s timing and hand use are his calling cards. Beyond that, Okudah takes it in a landslide.

I actually think in the league Okudah might need to make a few more business decision but that’s a good problem to have.

I think this is true of all players, actually. So many injuries can be avoided with just a little bit of smarts. I’m old enough to remember when RBs first started running out of bounds rather than lowering their heads to take on the last guy and they got roundly derided for it. Now it’s commonplace, and given the state of RB careers, smart.

Barry was great at it. On occasion announcers would lament it, but he was hunting for home runs. Why risk injury for a single?