Old TV themes that haunt your psyche

Periodically I have old TV theme songs randomly scud through my brain to soundtrack my present with nostalgic anthems of the past.

A few that I remember most:


The sales guy at my brewery grew a bushy mustache recently and I said he looked like Mr. Kotter. He and my other employees looked back at me completely clueless. I guess I am getting that old

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Hill street blues


Happy days

Monkees (granted, a bit of a ringer)


Haunts my psyche? Oh yeah, there’s not doubt what theme song fits that description.

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I have weird ones that stick in my head. Show I don’t even watch.

Like the Fraggle Rock theme song. Little House on the Prairie (my wife recently discovered this show on Amazon).

One I get stuck in my head all the time and I haven’t heard it in 30 years is the “Great Space Coaster” theme song. The Greaat Space Coaster…GET ON BOARD…its the Great Space Coaster…

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Shocked no one has brought in Beverly Hillbillies or I Dream of Jeanie yet…let alone Brady Bunch…

Or Any of Schoolhouse Rock

Flatt and Scruggs would never haunt me.