On the brighter side, the Lions are in good shape for improving 2020 roster

This for many will be the make or break season for the Patricia (and likely Quinn) years. But they’ve got $18.6 million in cap and a very manageable list of free agents that need to be either paid or cut. There is the looming NFLPA contract to be negotiated, that’s probably neutral in the big scheme of things. But at least they’re not looking at a daunting list of guys who must be paid this offseason.

[https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/detroit-lions/](http://2020 Free Agents)

[https://overthecap.com/salary-cap/detroit-lions/](http://Cap Commitments)

I’m assuming they cut Daniels, barring a major turnaround in his fortunes. That a good chunk of change they’re currently spending that can be filled by a draft pick. A bunch of these guys can be resigned cheaply or cut for better players. And a good draft can replace a few of these guys on the cheap. I dunno, I think this provides some room for optimism.


Guys who are on expiring contracts (like Daniels) don’t need to be cut. They simply don’t re-sign them.


Yes, good point. I am painting in broad strokes here. But the picture certainly isn’t grim.


Possible 2020 free agents that could help the Lions:

Yannick Ngakoue, Chris Jones, Leonard Williams, Brandon Scherff, Myles Jack, Joe Thuney, Gerald McCoy, Ndamukong Suh, Daunte Fowler, La’el Collins, Bryan Bulaga, Cody Whitehair.

Any good D coordinators on your list? Also need a D-line coach BAD!


If Denver fires Fangio, he’s a possibility.

What’s Jack Del Rio doing now a days?

I really wanted Dean Pees last year but he went to the Titans. He was with the Ravens and Patriots and would be a great fit here.

Would love to have Dom Capers and switch to a blitzing scheme but that won’t ever happen.

Steal Mike Nolan from New Orleans.

Jerod Mayo LB coach Pats

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This, they aren’t walking away from patricia’s scheme while he is in Detroit.

How many of these guys are tag candidates though?

Yes - but the problem is we have to overpay free agents to come here. Sometimes, we strike gold when we pay above market based on potential that ultimately comes to fruition while the player is on the roster (Golden, Marvin Jones, Nate Burleson), but usually we just have to pay a “Lions Tax” to get guys on the roster.

What he was saying was that he dislikes Mike Daniels so much that he’s not going to allow him to just walk away. He’s going to cut his ass just to prove a point!

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It’s good thing we didn’t just let that money sit there and used to go to a good charity, the Mike Daniels gofundmyfeet account.

Yep, wait 'till next year.

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