One line that sums up the 2018 Lions


I know they’re in a bit of a panic this year. My cousin and I have flirted with the idea of season tickets over the last few years. We get a call from the rep in the offseason and usually again in the preseason trying to sell us. This year, I’ve gotten 3 emails in season and 4 additional phone calls, they’re now offering us tickets to the lions vs Vikings this year, quick lane bowl tickets and a Matt Patricia coffee mug with a meet and greet if we put a $300 deposit down for season tickets next year.


Yeah, I can’t go this Sunday and I have my tickets listed below face value on the Ticketexchange. But the problem is half the STH have bailed on the season and are doing the same thing. Probably have to give them to someone in my family.

IF they raise prices next year, I am definitely out. You can’t possibly justify an increase if they finish with 5 wins. I think a lot of people will bail and they will need another 5-7 years to rebuild the STH base.


TNutZz… Where you at in Montana?


Bozeman. Usually go to watch at Hideaway


Shit . I’m in miles city


If you find yourself passing through Bozeman PM me. I run a brewery here and I’ll buy you a beer :beers:


Sweet! I’m flying out of and back into Bozeman when I go to the Arizona game


I have to be in Hong Kong December 1-10 but if we can sync up drop by for sure. :beers:


Same ol’ Lions, 60 years straight.


“This team makes me drink”

I will say this. In past years the Lions were so volatile you watched the whole game no matter the score because they could choke away a lead or pull a crazy comeback.

This year once they are down 10 points or even a touchdown its typically over.


I’m also at the Arizona game, look me up Dan, we will be 2 rows behind the Lions bench.


Cool… We are section 128 (around the 30ish yd line?) 18 rows up.