One more big signing?


I’m all for one more.
It was mentioned earlier today that Glasgows contract could be renewed this summer, so I’m going to keep that in mind.


And judging by Flowers and James’ contract layout, I would assume Colemans is similar.


IMHO, the Lions have GOT to get a CB2, I don’t want to depend on any of the guys on the roster now to start opposite Slay and I don’t want a rookie to start either. Not if you’re trying to make the playoffs and advance.

After that, they need an RG. Anybody here thrilled with the idea of Wiggins as your starting RG? Or a rookie? Maybe use your #8 1st round pick on an OL? He better be a really good OL.


Trey Flowers’ cap hit in 2023 is 23.614 million. Wow.

Trey Flowers Contract

If you want to see the other contracts, just type in the name on the search bar at the top of the page and it will bring up their contract. Hope this is helpful.


They could use a LB.


The last couple years of Flowers’ contract arent fully guaranteed. Most of the guaranteed money comes early in the layout, which benefits the Lions quite a bit.


I think what you have to do here is wait until all the dust settles and grab some deals. Start working on depth.


Yeah, but that number still scares me.


Cap in 5 years goes up 30m and we dont have Staffords number anymore, one way or the other.


Im wondering if were waiting on Bell to set the RB market and for the market to develop for CBs.


With the Aboushi signing, the Lions still have one giant hole left, and that is CB2. Everything else is priority B. That is the big one to come (I hope). They can draft an RB2 and an LB and be just fine, but I can’t see putting a rookie out there on the boundary, nor any of the other CBs on the current roster.


I have to admit, im still holding out hope for a trade for P. Peterson or J. Ramsey…we do have the cap room to do it, and PP’s 12M contract is looking more like a bargain in this free agent market.