One of these things is not like the other

Draft order:

#1 Cincinnati - Complete tank mode from start of season.
#2 NYG - Tanking plus starting a rookie QB.
#3 Wash - Tanking plus starting a rookie QB.
#4 Miami - Sold off all assets, tanking and still having a hard time losing when they try to lose.

#5 Detroit - 11 year veteran franchise QB to start the season. Dumped a crap load of cash on free agents. Drafted guys who only fit their unique scheme. Hired a new OC. 4th year with GM. This is the only team that was going ALL IN this year. Every other team on this list was either in full tank mode or were embracing the suck of their rebuild. Yet here we are battling with them for worst team in the league.


Well, since you put it that way, I change my mind.

Patricia issssssssss doing a crappy job.

Who’s with me?


Cute retort. I just find it interesting that we are battling the bottom dwellers in the league for worst dumpster fire of the season, yet we are the only team actually trying to win. It does show you just how bad we are. Dolphins gave away most of their roster to the point people wanted them disciplined by the league for not trying to complete, yet they have as many wins as us.

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The Bengals weren’t trying to tank, they just made a horrible coaching hire. I do not believe Washington is trying to tank either. Clearly the Dolphins are, and its probably the most obvious tank jobs I’ve seen. Easily top 3. The Giants clearly purged a ton of assets to start a rebuild.


You think the Bengal’s main issues are the head coach? I dunno. They got blown out twice in September and then benched their version of Stafford and put in their version of Blough. If we did that here, it would be obvious that we were tanking. I’m not saying they went full Miami with the intention of tanking before the season started, but they embraced it once they realized that couldn’t compete.

Anyway, all of those teams are either in complete dysfunction, tank mode or truly rebuilding. None of those things are happening here, but we have similar results. It stands out to me that we are a different type of bad. Our bad seems to come from coaching and schematics, rather than intentionally trying to be bad or selling off any asset possible.

Yes, I believe the Bengals made a HUGE error in who they brought in as HC. You have to remember that the Bengals are not a normal NFL football team. They are behind nearly every other franchise in so many ways. Basic stuff where you wouldn’t even think an NFL franchise would operate in such a way. Marvin Lewis had to go into that organization and put the entire thing on his back, from the coaching staff all the way to the front office and how they operated. And they still aren’t up to speed with most other franchises. In that light, they really needed to bring in someone with experience. You could either bring in a guy who already knew how to be a head coach, and have him learn all of the other stuff on the fly…or you could bring in a Mike Shanahan type who already had experience as head coach and doing some of the stuff Lewis was doing. What you couldn’t do is hire a kid who has never been a head coach in his entire life. He was a QB coach. His only coordinator experience came in an interim role for 5 games. Someone like that is already going to be drinking from the fire hose just learning how to be a HC. Having to be the alpha and the omega over an entire organization at the same time for a 36 year old kid seemed like it was going to be a disaster…and it is.

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And giving them a hell of a run, not even trying.
Everybody has to be good at something.
I don’t think Lions fans appreciate the effort it takes to suck this bad, for 60 years!

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Thank you very much for your kind words

I wouldn’t mind marvin lewis here. watching those hard knocks with the bengals and him, and seeing him in meetings with ownership where he basically is pulling his hair out because of what the owners want, who to play, etc. He seems like someone the players enjoy playing for.

However, in yesterdays game, I didn’t see anyone quitting on patricia. But slays comments on that long pass weren’t about the team but making sure he gets good stuff on video for his resume, basically. I’m guessing these are his last games as a lion.

Earlier in the season, when the Dolphins engaged in the ill-fated Josh Rosen experiment in games 2-4, it certainly looked that way. But then, they made the switch to Ryan Fitzpatrick who has been quite good in the last 6 weeks leading the Dolphins to a 3-3 record, which includes wins over middle tier division contenders Colts and Eagles and came within a really bad call of being 4-2 in losing 22-21 to the Jets on the road.

I am fully on board the Marvin Lewis train. This guy dragged a truly garbage franchise to 10/16 years with a winning record and 7 years of making the playoffs while playing in the same division as the Steelers and Ravens. And with Andy frickin’ Dalton as his QB for a huge chunk of that!

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We got excited when Caldwell gave us the 2014 season, or back when Schwartz gave us the 2011 season. Marvin Lewis gave the sorry Bengals 4 straight seasons like that, and had 6 double digit win years. To find 6 double digit win seasons in Lions history, we have to go all the way back to 1970.:face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Like what?

Small sample. This kind of stuff extended into the scouting department, coaching ranks, conditioning staff…everything.


I actually think Marvin Lewis is going to get a job next year.

Either as a GM or head coach.

I could be wrong but I remember hearing he was essentially the GM, head coach and lead scout while he was there.

Like he personally was the one scouting their draft picks.

And he had to dabble in the operations part of the organization. In some aspects it would have been like if Martha fired everybody above Matt Patricia’s level and said “me and you gonna run this by ourselves. We got this.” LOL

hey, jettison Paul Pas , give Patricia defensive control (not HC) and Hire Lewis to be our HC.

Quin is being targeted for a firing IF he doesn’t pull through in 2020 for his offseason draft and that…

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Paul P was a mascot this year. Firing him doesn’t move the needle if Matty Patty is still running the defense.

Matty Patty is not going to take that demotion. Has there ever been a case where a head coach gets demoted to DC on the same team? Especially after HIS defense was pitiful?

Giving Lewis full control could be an interesting option.

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It’s going to be tough to find a scenario exactly like you describe because I think instead of firing the guy they would sell it as him resigning (for personal or health reasons) and his new position would carry some obscure title that made it seem like a promotion or something outside of the normal coaching hierarchy.

I’m always confused being it’s Paully P that is listed DC right now , certainly not Matt.

my thought was, that Patricia WAS a DC in New England and that team kicked ass—something the Lions did ONE season 2011. It’s MY belief that Paul does not want anybody else telling him his system doesn’t work AND that includes Matt Patricia.

And think about it. Matt Patricia CAN work on nuclear projects , but isn’t “smart” enough to run our defense properly?? something stinks to high hell about that, being The Detroit Lions are one of thee worst teams in the NFL…and yet Matt Patricia a guy deemed as a genius cannot produce and operate a high-level defense for the damn Lions !?

the only way that can happen is IF he and Paul are butting heads and Quinn told Matt" just concern yourself with HC duties Matt."
“Paul is our defensive coordinator.” “leave it alone because I won’t tolerate the arguing and fighting.” SO, Matt Patricia let’s Paul Pas run his defense. that makes more sense to me than anything else.