One Question: will this team make the Playoffs?

THIS coming season??

No , not even close .




Not unless 5-11 can get you a wildcard berth.

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Might not be a season if they don’t get control of this COVID-19 thing.

But - assuming they do and the thing dies down when the hot weather comes, as viruses of this nature tend to do, and they do have a season, shortened as it may be then it’s possible for them to gt into the post-season.

I think the Lions have a shot to make the playoffs, but there are caveats.

  1. Even with the signing of Chase Daniel, I think if they lost Stafford again then their chances of making it aren’t good. Nothing against CD, But Stafford is the heart and soul of this team and they need him out there IMHO.

  2. They need their FA additions to payoff. Big V has to be at least as good as Wagner was at pass-pro and better than he was at run-blocking.

  3. Somebody has to step up at RG.

  4. Hock has to step up.

  5. Be nice if KeJo can play a whole season. Scarbrough too. And they’re going to need another RB, I think they shoulda kept McKissic, but whatev. Draft or FA, don’t care but I do oppose drafting an RB before the 4th round. Other positions are more important IMHO.

  6. They gotta find a pass-rush. Just gotta. Interior DL and Edge, you can’t ask your secondary to cover long enough for the QB to go through his progressions 2 or 3 times.

  7. Somebody has to play CB2. Trufant is the CB1, fine. Right now it’s Oruwariye I think; hope he’s ready. Maybe they draft Okudah, that’ll help but rookie CBs typically need time to adjust to the NFL.

Lotsa issues there, right? Didn’t even talk about the LBs or the Safties. Can’t fix everything at once. Oh, and they can’t keep getting fucked by the refs. Yeah, right.

So, doable? Yeah. Likely? Not so much. But that’s why they play the games, to prove us dumbasses wrong.


Remains to be seen. We’re 15 players shy of the full 90. I’ll have a better sense after the draft, but especially after the cut to 53. To guess now is baseless (for me anyway).

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I will hold my opinion until after the draft.

If Stafford stays health it will make a difference obviously. The offense should be able to compete.

The defense hopefully upgraded at LB with Collins over Kennard. with Shelton over Snacks. lost a little with Truffant replacing Slay. Like the depth at Safety. Tavia should be better. Flowers once healthy played better. Hand needs to stay healthy and Bryant should contribute.

Minni lost some talent on both sides of the ball with Diggs (way easier to double thielen now) and Griffen gone. Kline OG and Joseph NT were solid and won’t be back. Who knows WTF they are thinking in Chicago is Foles the answer??? It doesn’t look like Trubisky can do it.They don’t have many draft picks. Graham is over the hill and Robert Quinn doesn’t scare me. Green Bay with Rodgers is always scary but if they are relying on Wagner to run the ball that is a mistake. he will protect Rodgers but maybe not as well as Bulaga (can’t call holding on me) did in the past. they have some solid young CBs and a good pass rush with the Smiths. IMWO they are the team to beat.

I have no clue - can’t tell the future and not going to try,

But! I have hope they will!!

19-0 baby! Until proven otherwise!!

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I see no reason at this time why they cannot make it to the playoffs. Unlike some I saw the issues from last season differently and believe that the Lions have done what they needed to do to fix the issues. While I do believe that there is more to be done, I believe what has been accomplished is more then enough for them to make it to the playoffs.


Sure, they made an extra spot for us.


y…ye ye…yeeesss…


I agree. If it’s another WTH draft, all bets are off.

We will know more, after the draft.

Our schedule is ridiculously easy, this year (easier than last).
If Matt is as healthy as I think he is, We’ll win 9-10 games.

Better health, slightly improved D. Slightly improved O.
Assuming the refs don’t steal any games from us…
Last year we would have gotten at least 7, had Matt played (that’s literally with no DL to speak of).

Slightly improved D, and comparable O, 8-10 wins, likely with 9 being right in the pocket.

If the DC makes any difference at all, it could actually be better than that.

Sorry, gonna be the voice of doom and gloom here but after 40 years of watching this team find and invent creative ways to lose and consistently under perform there is NO WAY IN HELL they are going to the play-offs! Don’t care who they draft, don’t care who they sign. I have seen way to many highly rated players come in as FA’s and completely suck. There is something about putting on a Lions jersey or being hired as a Lions head coach that makes otherwise good players and coaches flat out suck. At this point I watch the games to see what new ways they can invent to suck and lose or how creative the refs can get to screw them. I didn’t think that the refs could improve on the Golden Tate no touchdown, 10 second run-off to end the Atlanta game until I watched the game against Green Bay! 2 bogus hands to the face, 1 “touchdown” pass that was not and a bunch of other crap calls. This team will go to the play-offs when Hell freezes over and only then because everyone else will cancel their games.

I do believe they would secure the #1 seed, and roll over everyone in the XFL playoffs.

I wish I could say yes, but I don’t see it happening.

Just thinking out loud…carry on…

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Hell No! I honestly believe this is Quinn and Patricia’s last year in Detroit. I haven’t seen the sense of urgency. It’s almost as if they thought they would be here forever. I just hope the don’t screw it up for the next GM. I believe this is Stafford’s last year as well. We will go into full rebuild afterwards.

I would be shocked if we made the playoffs. Much more likely we are drafting top 10 again.

Love it, brother :muscle: :heart: