LOL, your Lions fandom is based on Stafford?

Mine is based on Muhlbach.


Newsflash, Stafford is not going to be traded now, not when there is a 32 million dollar hit if they actually do it ‘now’.


I’ve always been curious about which posters on this board are Stafford fans over lions fans.


Kelly stafford should be thankful for the best treatment she got that everybody don’t get .She should focus what is more important in life, not judging football at this time

Smokescreen…and I love it!

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32 million can be saved If stafford retire ?

Would be silly on Quinns part.
Any other year and I would believe a rumor like this.
Being Quinn and Patricia are on the hot seat this year, what sense would it make for them to not only piss off half a fan base, but risk gambling on someone in which nobody really knows will turn out to even be decent.
I’m not against it, it just defies logic at this time, and would probably mark the end of those two.
Which I’m sure neither of them want…

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Yeah and what another 32 years of being bottom [quote=“espnbaby, post:27, topic:3658, full:true”]
32 million can be saved If stafford retire ?

WTF !!! Dude never mind

The boss essentially tells Quinn and big Matt that they have to “win next year or you’re out”. They watched Stafford thrive under a pro OC where he was on pace for 5,000 yards 38 tds and 10 picks. They learn that they can’t win a single game without Stafford. They would take on a $30 million dollar cap hit if they trade him, and they have again adamantly denied trade reports. It’s not adding up. Entering a must win season with a rookie QB doesn’t make sense if you’re Quinn/Patricia.


Unless you are tight against the cap, the cap hit should be irrelevant. If you get Patrick Mahomes and a #1 in a trade for Stafford, do you not do the trade because Stafford will count as $32M in dead cap?

If you’re not tight against the cap, you do what’s best for the team.

Having said that, I don’t think we are actively shopping him and I don’t think we trade him, but it doesn’t mean you don’t listen if someone calls.

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When Matt retires HE will literally make a statement and say that " He is retiring." th ere won’t be second guessing or much doubt in it. But he can/could decide to do so from one to ten years from the 2020 season. BUT we see these things ‘from the media’ & ‘talking heads’ with frequency—why? well BECAUSE Joe reporter wants to be the first guy to correctly announce that “Matthew Stafford is retiring.” so I give this as about much credit as Carrot Top will be our next HC.

Per Rotoworld below…

“It would cost the Lions $32 million against the cap for Stafford to not be on their roster in 2020. He also thrived in his first season under new OC Darrell Bevell before breaking his back. Any rumors suggesting Stafford could be on the move are assuredly false and erroneous.”


People should believe NOTHING that gets printed from now until FA and draft are completed
Best to assume everything is click-bait


The build up of bad decisions… This would be by far the worst. But makes sense as a bluff to increase trade value at 3.

I’m in win now mode more than ever before, as I believe our FO has to be given the last 2 seasons. And trading your teams best player is not a win now type move.

Remember, I hated the Stafford pick and wanted Curry and was convinced we we’re taking Curry. But I’m not blind, I can see Stafford is not the problem.

The way the NFL has been trending had me on the outs for the last few years. I had Lions season tickets for 4 years and lived 450-550 miles away. 1st year I had season tickets was our 0-16 season and I kept them even though I wanted Curry. I also subscribed to Sunday Ticket for 5 years. Used to watch every NFL game I could or RZ channel. I then only watched Lions games and the last 2 years seen 7 Lions games combined and either missed the rest or listened on the radio. Did several FF leaves each year 2004-2015, one team every year was Lions players only. I have been in a dynasty league for 2 years now which is pretty neat to play GM.

My expectations with Stafford are much higher in 2020 than any rookie coming in. That said, if we tank again and he’s mostly heslthy, I’m not against a move in 2021.

I apologize Phizzle, I totally misunderstood your original comment.

No worries, just figured I’d explain myself better. Just looking at this year as now or never and believe the FO and Staff, both on the hotseat, feel the same. I have been a big fan of Stafford’s since the CLE game. Though had huge doubts at the same time because of his early career injuries. Id love to see us win with him. But this year has to be it. Put all our eggs in a basket, especially being on the hotseat.

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I do not think BQ understands how to do a smokescreen. He denied the rumor.

It’s just a rumor.

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If you are trying to trade Stafford, but aren’t positive, you would do exactly what Quinn just did, deny it. But it’s probably just a rumor based on another team calling to gauge if the Lions have interest in trading Stafford.

I just read an article on the internet that the world ends tomorrow?!

Wtf!! No SB for Detroit! Ever!!


Miami probably called and offered the number five for Stafford. Not a Lion’s offer but one they listened to for informational purposes not actually bargaining.
Hello, is this Bob Quinn?
I am calling you to offer our pick at 005 for Stafford?
Bob Quinn starts laughing and asks secretary to verify the call.
No, really we want him.
Okay, assuming that’s true, you would have to come up with way more that that. Say both your first rounders and we give you our second for your third first round pick.
Not saying no but that is a high price.
You’re right. That’s our jumping off point.

Miami headlines, Lions talking trade for Stafford.