Yep. And the Lions DESTROYED the Pats in 2018, in prime time. The Pats won the SB and the Lions won 6 games. It’s a week to week league.

For Tebow it sure was a week to week league, huh?

Did that winner even last a year as a starter?

I’m with Iggy in this regard. There’s definitely a few posters who were thumping their chest about losing by 4 to KC in September, saying the lions are almost on the same level as them. :joy: As if that’s any sign of what would happen in December and January.

It’s a week to week league. Barely losing to KC in September does NOT mean the lion are close. Hate to break it to these few posters.


I was at that game. It was an amazing thrashing.

I was sitting about 25 rows up from the south endzone…it’s where Titus made a long catch from Stafford…made it look easy.

Over and over when I was leaving the stadium Bronco fans congratulated me for hanging in as a Lions fan and they were really impressed with Stafford.

Is this seriously a “Tebow is better than Stafford” thread? All because Tebow won a playoff game? What in the name of low IQ hot takes is this?


I have no idea. One might say it had to be trolling because nobody could be this clueless.

I probably wouldn’t care what he does one way pr the other, if he wasn’t on this team. Not many non-lions that I’m a fan of. Some guys are just great dudes that play their guts out, and some are exciting enough to get my attention, but very few.

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I had huge hopes after that one, for sure

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I think you’re missing my point, Ted. Even a guy who could barely throw caught lightning in a bottle, and showed his leadership skills and grit. Stafford hasn’t done this ONCE in 11 years. So if Tebow could do it… what does that say about Stafford that he can’t? It says that he is a defective QB. It says he’s not a leader. It says he doesn’t have the “it” factor. Basically just like Clayton Kershaw. There is something both wrong with he and Stafford. Both are guys who can’t get it done when it matters. Must be something in the water where they grew up.

Give Stafford 6 probowlers and the number 1 rushing offense and then let’s talk.


Hey guys I just wanted to let you know that Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson have more will and leadership than Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, and Warren Moon. Those 3 just didn’t have it in them to will their teams to a win when it mattered most.


Is my big brain hot take post fitting this thread properly?


All you have to do is go back the year before where he played in 9 games. Why not bring that up? Because your trolling. I know it and so do you.

In 2011 the team had injuries and got healthy. They won 4 games in overtime and barely won in a weak ass division. I know you know this.

Iggy you can’t possibly believe this BS. You have more football smarts than this. If your honestly going to take this stance than I’m gonna lose all respect for your football knowledge. Come on man.

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You’re like a broken record of whining.

I’m not missing your point, I just think your point is a bad one.

You believe the fact Stafford hasn’t won a playoff game is his defect. The reality is the fact Stafford hasn’t won a playoff game is a Lions defect. They are squandering the prime years of a very very good QB.

It’s amazing how you don’t think the QB is responsible for 7 straight quarters without a TD. Lol. Top QBs don’t have career losing records. Let’s do a fun exercise… name some “top” QBs with career losing records. I bet you can’t.

If I am broken record of whining, Stafford is a broken record of winning absolutely nothing of significance. Even dating back to his college days.

Iggy , you make good sense to me from day one . You will have the final word on December , I am waiting for it , hope I will not be shut down again with stats that I don’t understand

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Perfect! Well put!

“Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And by opposing end them?”

― William Shakespeare, [Hamlet]

That hack’s words remind me why I still want to see Stafford win in Detroit.

Or, then there’s

“It ain’t over til it’s over.”

Yogi Berra

You assume that would prove Stafford is a bad QB. It doesn’t prove your assertion. A QB can be very good independent of the amount of games the team won or lost during his tenure.

Again, a QB who has thrown for rather historic numbers, on the all time list for passing yards, whose regularly been top 10 in the league in pass completion, passing yards, passer rating, passing TDs with a losing record is not a QB problem. Its a team problem.

I mean you say he doesn’t have “it” but he is literally among the leaders in 4th quarter comebacks in NFL HISTORY. Like 10th or something. And he’s had a ton of games where they lost AFTER he went down and scored on his last possession.

I’m not buying what you are selling. You don’t have a point. If you simply wanted to say Stafford is not quite as good as some of the very best QBs in the league I might offer counter argument but I wouldn’t dismiss you. Right now, you have some weird axe to grind.


And there’s not a damn thing wrong with that
I don’t think anyone was “thumping their chest”
That’s nonsense
Did it give a measure of hope?
So what …