Opinions on Najee Harris?

Playing around with mock drafts (really like the PFF one) got me thinking, would you consider Harris if he was there in the 3rd? I think Swift is a good weapon, but the NFL is all about RB by committee these days and Harris might be too good a talent to pass up in the 3rd. Personally I think he goes higher, but RBs do drop as they don’t have as much positional value.

Needless to say, I picked him up in my mock.

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Personally I would love to see him in Detroit to pair with Swift. However I doubt he makes it outta the backend of round one and if he does I don’t think he would make it to our second less lone 3rd rounder.


I’ve liked him since the first time I saw him carry a ball in college. Sign me up as long as it doesn’t take a 1st rounder.

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Love him and love that he is 230. Big back who is a smooth runner. Ever since Best I get nervous when we draft smaller 200 pound backs. I would love him in the 3rd but wonder if he would be there?

There is no way he lasts until the third round. Outside of an injury or something unseemly coming out.

Just too much talent there. Late first, early second.

I love him. Don’t see how he goes below the first 45-50 picks in the draft though.

And he just keeps on improving. So incredibly well rounded.

Wait, what? Who cares what it takes, it’s just a magic bean.

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Yeah, I’m pretty sure he’s a late 1st rounder. Early 2nd at worst.

If he’s there at our 2nd, he might be BPA. But 3 RBs in the 2nd in 4 years?? I don’t want to stunt Swift’s potential.

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I have doubts about Swift being able to carry the load on his own though. I think the Lions definitely need another quality RB. AP is 46 years old and KJ’s career is just about over, it seems.

I think RB is an undervalued position. It’s nice to have a few really good ones to help the QB and offense out. The Lions will need some depth + having 2 guys like Harris and Swift would make things difficult for opposing defenses.

Unfortunately, the Lions have a ton of other needs too so…might be a longshot or even a luxury to land Harris.

He’s only good because Bama has a pro level offensive line, and you have to play nickel to slow down their receivers. Tough to evaluate since Bama has pro players everywhere.


Mac Jones says hello.

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I’m all about getting another RB.
I want Homerun ability on O. I love Nasty RBs. One of my fav backfields is when the NYG used to have Bradshaw and Jacobs. Lots of scooting ability, with a nice dose of nasty-ass Fun-Q energy behind it.

Swift needs help and he doesn’t have it. I’d be perfectly fine with taking a nasty RB in the 2nd again. Love Swift, but he needs help. I haven’t researched this, but I’d guess RBs to be the most injured position in the league. Blunt force trauma impact all the time.
My feelings on what would impact most, in order

  1. Ugliest MF’r of a DT we can acquire
  2. Blazing fast, immensely talented WR
  3. Really effective edge guy
  4. RB

Once you get past the DT, you go BPA among those 3 positions, IMO. Obviously, if the talent gap is big, and you have to take a S, LB, or OL, you do it. If talent is comparable, this is my wish list, in order of my perception of what will impact us most. (I am aware that we hardly have an NFL caliber LB on the roster, I just think these positions will have a bigger immediate impact in getting wins, than a LB would).

That said, it feels like a very outside shot that we’d land this dude. Let’s re-sign Marvin and see what’s available. I almost feel like we go WR in the first 2 rounds.

I am wondering if next year is a year where we just have bodies on the field at LB, because there is so little talent. Tavai and Tabor… o u c h
Wagner and Lang…topped by the giant V… C’mon, man!

Question for you guys - if something like this happened, feels like we would almost by default be thin at WR, barring a home run of a later pick.

You see us running a lot of 2-3 TE sets?
2 RB sets?
Using Hoch differently?

We sure could us a guy like Marvin Hall to at least be a deep threat, if unattended. Agnew was improving in his expanded role, but I still don’t trust him. Amendola has been doing it since Betty White was in her teens. We need help there too. Outside shot at the disgruntled Holiday?

The different sets will have their place. I’ll admit that I haven’t seen us run a good offense out of 2 RB sets since Bush and Bell were here, and even then I wasn’t a Reggie fan at all. But still, you could see the damage we were doing to defenses when both RB’s ran shallow routes. We’d see Bell go uncovered at times. I’d like too see a bit more of that.

But, the base offense still has to be 1 TE, 1 RB and 3 WR’s. Any offense that lacks either of the outside guys or a competent slot receiver is going to be limited.

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No more highly drafted RBs! We’ve used 2nd round picks on RBs two out of the past three years, that’s ridiculous resources for a position where replacement level players regularly thrive.


And sadly we haven’t been able to hit on replacement level guys either. We’re so desperate for a competent front office.

That is a very good point. Quality running backs can be found later in draft if a GM has a clue what talent looks like.


We have our starter in Swift, a good backup can be had in the later rounds. I’d love to pair him with Swift, but I’d be shocked if he gets out of the back end of round one. The top teams drafting that late won’t pass on talent like his.

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We gotta just keep firing bullets though, since the resources are so cheap. I was banging the table loudly for James Robinson in the late rounds last year, what a steal he would have been. I wanted to sign Mike Davis two offseasons ago. I made a lot of shitty calls too, but you keep firing bullets and you end up with players who will work.