Orlovsky goes nuclear on Lions after Slay comments

Patricia has to go.

I don’t think he has any idea what he’s doing.


I’m sure Quinn is looking after him and offering direction.


Dan O is not wrong, Patricia made a lot of mistakes right off the bat. Now the team has to suffer through all of this negative press, he’s caused a lot of damage to this franchise. This is the year it all needs to come together for him or he’ll have wasted some great talent and set this team back for many years.


Yea a pattern is starting to be shown here. Which makes me tend to rethink my stance as well. I hate to say it really. Because I was hoping for the best for the organization. But this too has a limit.

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I don’t see how Patricia nor Quinn survive. They can’t get off to slow starts like the past. The team has to make the playoffs imo or both will be fired. The whole Slay thing is troublesome for a conservative Ford family

The problem is that it isn’t just Slay. As Okla alludes to, this is a pattern of behavior. Patricia has the interpersonal skills of a turnip. And this is also the problem with plagiarizing an entire organization (NE) and expecting the same success. Every individual, group, franchise, and city is different.

Quinn is, in many ways, worse than Millen. To paraphrase Good Will Hunting, at least Millen wasn’t unoriginal.

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That’s why to me it’s gotta be playoffs or bust for both Quinn and Patricia. No excuses.

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They’ll be lucky to win 4 games this year.


There isn’t one quote from Orlovsky in that link.

Here is my things…in this article Patricia apologized for the comment. But in light of what Slay did (get roasted and then post a picture on social media) making light of the moment I see where Matt was coming from. Patricia seems to want his players to play with a chip on their shoulders. I have no issue with that. None. Patricia should have calmed down and handled this differently but is he wrong to want more fire and chip from his players (that is my take on the context of what Patricia said)? I don’t think so.

I am okay with forgiving a technique or mistake if the underlying message and thought is correct. Patricia isn’t wrong to want more fire from his guys. Had he known Slay better maybe this would have been handled better. But Slay also overreacted. I am just not pissed at all at Patricia for this as I think his underlying message is one of raising your game.


It’s in the video.

I have no faith in this regime at all. I was excited about the MP hire. They lost me last year drafting a TE top ten. The value Ed Oliver offered was unmistakable regardless of our roster makeup. I can honestly see them passing on Chase Young if he’s still available at 3.

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You know things are bad when Orlovsky is trashing the organization.

This is just an assumption, but I feel the only posters left defending Patricia are those who are committed to being blindly loyal to the Lions no matter what. There is nothing Patricia can do that these posters won’t spin and defend.

After he’s fired next year, they’ll start trashing him and quickly forget the last three years they spent defending Patricia at every single turn.


Thanks Nate.

I disagree with Dan. Not one person seems to want to think about what Patricia was addressing in the Giants workout. Further, not one commentator seems to want to dig a little more to find out ways NFL coaches have treated players over the years. New York Lion shared some great stories about Parcells and his star LBer Lawrence Taylor.

Here is the issue…yep, Patricia pissed off a star player in Detroit who has great stats and is a talented player. But was Patricia wring to try to get more out of his star CB? Not to me. While Slay has excellent moments he also does really stupid shit and it is fair to wonder about his level of intensity.

It is easy to think Patricia is totally wrong but it requires more thinking to try to understand what Patricia was trying to accomplish with Slay. I think Slay has the tools to be a Hall of Fame CB but I don’ think he is going to get there with his mental approach to the game. I believe Patricia was really looking to crack into that part of Slay’s game. And I don’t have an issue with that as football is a tough sport physically and mentally. If you want to be the best you have to beat the best. And not everyone is cut out for that.

Using Pro Bowl this and that doesn’t sway me at all. I think Slay is not as good as he could be. And I don’t fault Patricia for trying to get Slay to be the best he could be. In that process the relationship was fractured. I am okay with that.

For all Slay’s comments Flower’s presence on this roster says every bit as much as Slay’s mouth.


My old large law firm had a rule imposed by management: Praise in public; criticize in private.

By posting Slay’s social media regarding the WR who beat him twice, Patricia violated that rule.

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6 is my number. 7 depending on the draft.

If Patricia had more than 9 wins in his two seasons, and didn’t have a pattern of pissing off players, I’d be more understanding of that position.


I think MP has tried to do things that he’s seen BB do but he doesn’t have the credibility to pull off those types of tactics.

Patrica could have had more meaningless wins had Stafford kept playing. Honestly, and with all due respect to all who hold this viewpoint (you know I LOVE you Nate!!) how does say making this season 8-8 change Patricia’s voice or impact?

I am trying to go one level deeper which is what media folks should be doing.

Patricia is an incredibly smart and proud man. Could he have reacted differently? Hell yes. But was his judgement off about trying to light a competitive fire? I don’t think so.

Sometimes players NEED to be pissed off. My favorite teachers were all ball busters that I disliked at first. But damn it, I learned best from those folks.

I wish this could have been handled differently. But I also don’t think Patricia is wrong. The best, strongest, mentally toughest teams often win at the end of a game. Can anyone here tell me that the Lions have fielded mentally tough teams these past 20-30 years? Not to me. I am fine with breaking a few eggs to make an omelette.


For people saying slay was a cancer, why wasn’t he cancer before MP got here. Maybe MP is the cancer, and maybe the team quit on him.