Orlovsky goes nuclear on Lions after Slay comments

Let me see the draft, but I’m thinking 9-10

I believe we would have hit 7 wins last year by just adding Matt.

Understandable…sometimes you got to get rid of those undermining you before the inmates run the asylum.

Patricia had his guys at this point…so I think everyone can see this is the end of his rope…succeed or GTFO.

And Slay was a ProBowler buy correct me if I am wrong but was he not a fan vote? Slay is a personality and he used his best asset to get him there.


Depends on Stafford. If he’s healthy, I think 6-7.

IF all this with Patricia stems from 2 yrs ago and like Slay said, things were better last yr, combined with another influx of former Pat’s, whom liked playing for Patricia. There is a chance, if they start well the team buys in, they could get 8-9.

I also think Stafford is key to if the team buys in. Stafford has the respect of his teammates. If Stafford buys in, he might be able to help Patricia along with the former Pat’s mend any fences that need mending.

I hope they can. I’m not holding my breath, I’ve seen little to inspire confidence in this regime. I do think with the right moves they can compete. However to this point the track record says it’s unlikely.

Or maybe he was ok being just ok (reminds me of Dodgeball)!

Caldwell was not a fiery guy and his team’s never played with fire…so perhaps Slay was fine just going about it his own way without anyone pushing him to truly be the best.

Actually, it kind of is.
The issue that we’re all commenting on stems from his 2018 interaction with Slay and the damage that was done then that Slay said he would not forgive. At that point there’s a schism in the locker room. All the drama through the past year and even today comes from that broken relationship. It’s resolved.

Your approach is trying to understand, instead of rushing to judgment. Truth. Love it!


This is not truth. This is his opinion.


For all the non-fire Caldwell teams played with, they sure as hell outperformed Patricia’s fire squad.

Everyone carries a different truth. Everyone’s ideas/opinions (truth to them), is equally as valid as anyone else’s. There is no universal truth on this, but if everyone understood everyone else, there would still be some dissonance. The “big truth,” or whatever someone wishes to call it…is usually in the middle.

Rooting for both humans. Wishing them both tons of success!

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6-7 wins. How many weeks of the NFL season actually get played?

I’m thinking maybe this kind of thing could cause some FAs to decide not to come to the D unless they are overpaid. Maybe that’s already true, but this might make it even worse. He said, he said is one thing, but when a bunch of guys are saying it then maybe we got a problem. So yeah, I was kinda on the fence about playoffs or fired, now I’m on-board with that and maybe even fire Patricia anyway if they do make the playoffs. Win the division, he stays; I’m sorta leaning that way now. You gotta do what’s best for the organization and that could be it.

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Yet he is top CB. And MP is a bottom coach. Slay isn’t the 1st guy to come out against MP.

So after a year of stewing, when asked he FINALLY said to the offending party that something that happened a year ago really bothered him. To which the offending party didn’t even really register it as any big deal, apologized for it. Then apparently with some self reflection became better with his mannerisms. But I guess there was no coming back from that level of “disrespect” the prior year. Slay was so “quiet and calm” with his “This is some Bullshit” tweet… :roll_eyes:

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Maybe cause Caldwell ran a country club atmosphere? He had lax rules and players loved him for it. Caldwell didn’t seem to care when his players got burned. Patricia was tasked with changing that exact culture. He had a prime opportunity early on with the joint practices and took advantage of it.

How he went about it was wrong. Slay and Diggs were and still are very good friends. Those two then went on to make the culture change harder with their resistance. Bad mouthing coaches, whining on social media, holding out, not showing up for OTAS.

Is Slay a good player, yep. Could he be better, yep. Will he be better,? Probably not, that comes from within and all Slay seems to care about is being paid. Not that he got his 50 million, he has no reason to improve.

Our defense was terrible last year. We couldn’t cover anybody in the back 7, to the point we had 9 in coverage at times. When we blitzed, we would get burned for big chunk plays. We have replaced 5 starters from that terrible defense. Plus we will probably pick up 2 more vis the draft

Let’s all see how this plays out this season. We really have no other choice at this point. It seems some would prefer the lions suck this year so they can beat their chest about how smart they are. Myself, I am hoping the new players we signed are not afraid to work hard and play within what they are asked to do and our defense does improve

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Did they tho? They had better records I will give you that but I think the teams under Patricia have more quality wins…but that’s just me.

At the end of the day, Slay is gone and we will see if that’s what this team needed or not pretty quickly I imagine. Patricia’s rope is getting shorter and shorter and his seat is getting warmer and warmer


How can slay be better if MP defense makes him cover a number one side out for 5-8 seconds. No QB should ever have that much time.

Fair statements and I agree he isn’t the first to come out against Patricia…but he even said that of the money had been right he would have stayed.

Does that really sound like a guy who wants to be great or a guy who is ok with being good as long as he is paid? If Slay was really so disrespected he was brought to tears and had to be talked off the ledge…wouldn’t it make more sense to get out right away and punish Patricia to show him he was wrong?

I would add this thought:
When Patricia mentioned being used by Sherman Matt asked about Marvin Jones and Slay responded with Richard watching film.

Look…Slay failed that test. It sounds to me like Patricia was REALLY asking Slay what he knew about Marvin Jones and Slay failed that test.

You have to be a serious student of this game. Dan O. notes Slay’s pass break ups. That IS a nice #. But I would rather see a team afraid to throw at Slay.

You’re trying to spin this way too hard. Patricia is a terrible coach and person. There’s really nothing else to it. I told everyone a story of how Patricia has a rule where you can’t speak to friends or family before games. Prater was talking to someone before a PS game in 2018, and Patricia went off on him. Prater told Patricia to go fuck himself and to play the kicker they were going to cut.

Patricia is a clown and needs to go. It’s sickening to see you and others trying to spin this to make Slay look bad. One of 3 all pro position players for the Lions this millennium. Slay is the definition of a hard worker and good teammate. Patricia is a POS

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Dan O made a comment in that video that resonated with me. “Good coaches find a way to build up their players.”

MP doesn’t build up his players. He tears them down.

If you recall I posted two years ago just before Tate was shipped out. That I had heard Golden Tate was whining to anyone who would listen inside the organization, that nothing he did made MP happy. Tate felt that MP had an issue with everything he did. A week later Tate was traded.

Almost everything I’ve posted (long before any of this came out) has now come to lite. Trust me I’ve only posted a fraction of the stuff I’ve heard to.

I’d share more but every time I do I am called liar by someone. Normally I don’t share because of this but I’ve heard so much crazy negative stuff that I just want this fool gone. So I let my animosity for MP show.

MP just doesn’t have the people skills to manage players and be a leader. It will be his downfall.

I believe this will be his last year. It wouldn’t shock me if this team completely quits on him.

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