OT....Cowboys hire McCarthy....per Glazer

I actually like this hire and think he’s a massive upgrade from Garrett!

If true, definite upgrade.

is he bringing rodgers with him? I think mccarthey was only ‘good’ because of A-A-ron.

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He is not an upgrade from Garrett. Also no HC has ever won a super bowl with 2 organizations. Don’t see McCarthy bucking that trend. They should’ve just stuck with Garrett.

Also if Kellen Moore gets fired ( he and OL coach are only coaches under contract) I would be bring him in. Even if it means firing Bevell.

You would fire Bevell to bring in Kellen Moore?

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our offense made strides this year. we should return to what we were. :smiley:

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Of course. You wouldn’t want the coordinator who led probably the best if not the best top 3 offense in the league? Bevell is an average- slightly above average coordinator. What Moore did this season was more impressive than anything Bevell has done in his career. Add that to his incredible work with Dak… he would be a home run hire.

Maybe he will get lucky and draft a HOF QB after 23 teams pass on him and they move on from Dak in couple years.

The Lions were an average offense…

I dunno he won a superbowl and multiple division titles. I know he had Rodgers but …

I would argue he did more with less talent than Garrett did with Dallas…

I’ll be interested in seeing how he does with an overbearing owner versus and an overbearing quarterback.


You mean the offense that disappeared against good teams down the stretch? What a genius that Kellen Moore is.


Maybe they can land Balakay Bortles as Dak’s backup.

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That was quick. Do the Cowboys get a pass on the Rooney rule?

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The Lions were an average offense…
Yeah with 2nd and 3rd string QBs under center. They were top 7 when Stafford went out, IIRC. Without the talent Dak, Moore and Garrett had on the roster. Moore has a future, but that regime was a failure. Too bad they didn’t stick with it for a couple more years.

Bill B is probably pretty sour at the moment. But Quinn should be trying to land Mayo or Steve B. to run the Lions defense.

Bevell is 50, lot of good years left in him. The Lions will be fine on that side of the ball.


LOL k.

They interviewed Marvin Lewis.

How much do these Rooney Rule interviews get on the side for these fake interviews? Low six figures and wined and dined for a weekend in the hiring city?

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9 points against the Patriots, 15 points against the Bills, 9 points against the Eagles. The only 3 playoff teams they played down the stretch and this incredible offense got jack shit done.
LOL k indeed.

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Well, that doesn’t tell the whole story and certainly doesn’t spell out what Bevell is. We had a top 5 passing offense prior to Stafford getting hurt. At that time, we also had a running game that had lifted the needle off of “worst in the NFL level putrid” to “below average” which is indeed improvement. Once we lost Stafford, all “examination” took the most massive of blows. If our #1 RB starts 16 games as Elliot did, I’m not saying we are 5th in rushing as they were, but we’re absolutely better than below average. So IMHO looking at 2019 and the performance of the Cowboys OC vs ours in a vacuum is folly. To compare, we’d have to see what Moore could have done with Daks backup’s backup and Zekes backup’s, backup’s, replacements fared under his stewardship.