OT: DK Metcalf

Not Lions related but just wanted to eat my crow!

I figured he would be another Kevin White type WR

Boy was I wrong and have no problem calling myself out about it!

Dude looks like a stud already!

Were you saying Kevin White because of all of the injuries?

More so just not living up to the hype I guess…

Kevin White stayed hurt. We aren’t sure what he could do because he couldn’t get on the field. Many people had those same concerns about DK so that’s why I asked.

LaQuan Treadwell on the other hand has been healthy but just isn’t any good. That one is a head scratcher, because I missed on him as well. I have no idea what happened to that kid.

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Metcalf was on my short list of guys I wanted when our 2nd rounder came around, along with Winovich and McCoy, the OL out of A&M starting for the saints. Yes I’m still a little salty about that Tavai pick.

He had a big day for one of my FF leagues… I had a few food ones on a bye and Mahomes out…

But, I need 32 from Barkley vs DAL to win…