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Wow holy shit, look at that final hail mary from Murray to Hopkins, folllwing Allens big drive!

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That was amazing and best part for me was that I started Murray!!

Stealing our thunder !

Anyone see GB extended David Bakhtiari, 4 years $103 million :flushed: at its base its worth $23 million/year. Wow…

They must see having fans in stands within next couple years

That is some stupid shit right there

In related news, Green Bay Printing Co. just received an order for a million worthless “stock certificates”

Time to fleece the flock!

I still think that set up is kinda cool and Ives GB the edge as a “neutral” franchise. No owner another owner gad to humble themselves to.

So. An we just agree that since the Lions suck because of Patricia… maybe just maybe the reason okudah sucks (in the minds of some posters) is because of Patricia? Probably not… this past represents sound logic

Not sure if anyone listened to the POD podcast today for the breakdown of panthers vs lions… they had Tyrone poole on as special guest. One thing he said that stuck out to me (and I may have misunderstood) but he said knowing Patricia and the defense they play he tries to protect his CBs through the scheme. While they are giving up I think he said 65%completion rate, but at the same time protecting the CBs and trying to make their job easy…

So, I’d have to listen again but it jumped out to me.

Here is the link and it’s also on Spotify, all that other stuff I believe