Other trade-downs

It feels less and less likely that a team is going to go out of their way to trade up for either Tua or Herbert, or any QB. That said, it doesn’t mean that our pick isn’t tradeable. One team that needs a CB big time is Jacksonville sitting at 9. They also have 20. I wouldn’t be devastated to pass on 3OA and get 9 & 20. At 9, Brown and Kinlaw will probably still be in play. I’m also seeing rumors of Jeudy slipping - if we get Kinlaw and Jeudy, I’d be OK with going to the next tier of CB’s, like the kid from Utah Jaylon Johnson in the second.

Would you do this if you were Quinn (3 for 9&20)??
Are there any other likely TD scenarios that don’t involve a QB?

I don’t see anyone trading up to 3 to take a non QB, to he honest. Our only hope is someone is in love with Tua or Herbert and feels the need to move up. I think Jax can get one of Okudah or Henderson at 9. Just because they have a need, doesn’t mean they still can’t address it via trade or free agent cuts this summer.
If you can get a veteran like Slay for a 3rd round pick, why would you throw away multiple first round picks to gamble on an unknown rookie that will most likely struggle for at least a year?

Well, there are others who think otherwise:
This one has the Dolphins trading for an OT

This one has the Browns trading for Simmons and two other teams trading for an OT

I think an OT could be a target. And also if something crazy happens and Washington doesn’t go Chase Young, he could be a target too.

And now there’s this - trade-up for an OT

And this…

Its not going to be a trade up for a QB. Which means our compensation could be a little less, unless the Dolphins and Giants get in a bidding war…