Ouch... #29 in ESPN's Power Rankings

Thoughts? We were a three win team with Stafford out for half the season, Im think realistically we are a 7 win team plus or minus a game or two. Am I just lying to myself? Lol.

We were a 6 win team in 2018 with a better defense. We were probably a 5-6 win team with a healthy Stafford.


This is even a generous ranking. The Lions are worse than the Skins and IMO worse than Bengals after FA. The Lions are either the worst or 2nd worst. Jags might be worse.

Worse than the skins. Not until they get QB figured out. Bengals? Depends on how well Burrow plays as a rookie. I actually think the Bengals have a decent roster. They’ll be getting Williams back at OT so it’s like their getting a second top ten pick

Bottom 5 team in the league

The Bengals roster is not awful agreed. Skins have Haskins, Kyle Allen, and Alex Smith ( big Unknown obviously. Kyle Allen was good enough to win 6 games for Panthers last year… which is the same amount the Lions won with a healthy Stafford 2 years ago. Skins have a better roster and much better coach than Detroit.

Much better coach for sure. Better roster outside of QB? Not sure. I like their front seven a lot better. If Bryce Love regains his prior firm that would be a big boost for them. I’d say it’s pretty close.

I actually think the Lions roster is okay from a depth perspective. Unfortunately BQ has been very neglectful in terms of pursuit of star power.

Why am I so positive we would be at least 27th if Stafford wouldn’t take so much time off helping deliver food and concentrate on just football? 26th if he could ignore helping with his children and, maybe 25th, if he ignored his wife’s health problems. What do you guys think about our selfish QB not putting football ahead of people less fortunate, his kids and his wife. Rotten sombitch I say. I say Matt has it right.


Are you being serious?

I read this and didn’t feel it…

I figure we are 22-26, not that low imho

It’s all paperwork ranking anyways…

Try reading the last statement. I think Matt got it right. Matt Stafford got it right. Wife, kids, other people. Thumbs up to Matt and ridicule of the posters who have been ripping the Lions everytime they do anything good. Take your time. It is complicated and slightly nuanced.

I’m surprised people still pay attention to ESPN. Someone should come out with a 247 college football chanel and end ESPN.

Yet we still have nut jobs running this team.

What other posters have had a problem with Matt trying to look out for the needy or his wife when she was sick?

I feel like we need to have a sarcasm/meme post alert for all the people that miss the inside jokes that stem from previous threads. If you want a detailed explanation why this was posted, I will fill you in Husker, but in short, Yooper is making a funny.


I general prefer that “funnies” by, you know, funny. To each their own though

Irrelevant click bait. Meaningless.

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Sounds about right. Stafford missed half the season, but the half a season he played, he played much higher than his career average. So, to expect him to play a full season at that level, is not a smart assumption. Especially coming off his injuries and at his age.

Now, factor in that we lost Diggs mid season, then Snacks, Glasgow and Slay post season and replaced them with no significant upgrades.

**Now factor in that each team in the NFL goes into the off season with needs. They all try to improve them. The Lions did not. We were/are stagnant. Sure, there were only 2 teams worse than us, record wise, but I am certain, going into the season, both of their fan bases will think they significantly improved their rosters.

If you understood it you’d be fine

I get it just fine. I guess I glazed over the last sentence and therefore asked for clarification. After reading it a second time I do understand what he was trying to get at. It just simply isn’t funny IMO. Humor is highly subjective. Moving on.