Our Current Players *

I don’t see JUST horrible players team-wide. what I see is often hurt to directionless players on defense. They are confused to their specific assignments and TRYING to do too much.

the players are like this because of the lack of leadership between Paul P and Matt P . They are getting mixed signals and direction AND asked to do too many damn things at once…so there is confusion which leads to poor results, and PART of our injuries.

Paul has to go ! Matty P , needs to get the defensive players back to simple basics . keep it simple stupid.

THEN , he can show them another step…each player, but don’t try teaching each guy 5 different things /ways to execute defense at each position because that’s memory overload !

and you get too much juggling in your mind during games and missing assignments and getting burned.

Get thee ENTIRE Defense on the same page so they play as a defensive unit and NOT one guy here , or one guy there.

Last? get some damn playmakers , some studs on the defense that CAN & WILL stop the run and disrupt any QB we face !
Patricia does NOT need to put too much on their plates…IF each defensive player can do 2-3 things well Leave it at that. These guys HAVE to be in constant communication and ask questions of Patricia when they have them.

I’m not pleased with our conditioning /strength program. something is “off” there if our guys are dropping like flies.

I agree with the injury thing.

Another layer - in order to truly know your responsibility, you must know what you can/can’t count on the guy next to you for. The more competent the guy next to you, in front of you, behind you is…the easier your job ges. Tough for our guys to gel, because how can you know what you can count on the guys for? There is a different guy in front of you every week. It’s a team thing, not just a bunch of individuals.

When half of the defense is out, it hurts every other guy. Our team could use some continuity on every level.

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but it starts all the way up front. how can your defense BE 31st?? IF something isn’t haywire with the DC and the former DC/ HC?

Quinn and Bevell aren’t calling D. so that leaves Paul P and Patricia.