Our current RB grouping

I just read an article about how our coaches like our guys even if they are green…

I recall when the Pats went young and exp. with all of their WR’s a fw yrs back? and it worked.

i’m hoping they gell and take off!!

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We’ll see what they can do. Deep running back class coming up, and with how much interest Quinn has show in RBs, it’s almost a sure thing he drafts one on Day 1 or 2 next year.

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I mentioned that as well in another thread, but I see the two sides ….

We see what we got with this group and keep churning it. if no one sets up, we go draft next yr.

Love KJ but… got to be available all season!!


I am hoping we find the next Arian Foster or Priest Holmes baby!!

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I realize it takes a decent RB to maximize your run game but golly the lack of blocking is alarming. I have watched this team struggle for years to put together a good run blocking line. How hard can it be to be just average even. I personally am beginning to think that Bevell’s system must be very complex and that is part of the problem.

Not only that but the RBs are taking some big hits because of poor blocking. Injuries will start to pile up at this rate. RBBC is important for this team.

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The offensive line coach designs the run game

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Yes I know but I don’t think he has 100% control. It is Bevell’s system that has produced good run games over the years. Regardless I just can’t understand why they cannot block better unless the system is difficult to execute. Of course we got a glimpse of that when during a game Aikman pointed out that we had Wiggins pulling from the right guard position and blocking the left defensive end in a pass blocking play. The announcers said that was an almost impossible assignment for a guard. I don’t think our o-line is devoid of talent so it has to be something else.

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What you just described is exactly what the offensive line coach is in charge of in the run game, not Bevell. The offensive line coach is not just teaching the guys techniques. He’s charged with the blocking schemes and concepts as well. So what you are insisting is Bevell’s “system,” is Davidson’s. Going back to Bevell’s days in Seattle, he had Tom Cable as his offensive line coach the entire time. Tom was in charge of designing the running game when Bevell was there.

I’m pretty sure Bevell has his run plays already “designed” when he got here.

Yeah, I believe you are correct. The plays are already “designed”, the O-line coach focuses on the blocking assignments and techniques.

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I don’t even know who our RB’s are anymore.
It seems to change every week.

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So Bevell designs the run game, other than the elements that make up the run game. Is that your final answer?

Every year the Lions RB group is garbage and it’s such an easy position to fill. It literally takes little- no effort/ modest resources to have a good NFL backfield. The Lions fail year after year.

Blount and Anderson were both awful signings. It was obvious at the time. I think KJ is a quality NFL back, but not top 15 and not a guy who can carry a full workload. You need another one. JD McIsaac has filled a role, but you can’t count on him to run consistently. TY Johnson is a 6th round pick, who looks like a 6th round pick. People are salivating over him, he has shown little. 2 terrible drops last game. He has a bit of burst that’s about it.

So basically a real depth chart should look like this:

#1 Empty
#2 Empty (KJ IR)
#3 JD McIsaac
#4 Empty ( TY Johnson bubble)

The Lions currently have one NFL quality back on the roster IMO. Such a terrible group.

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understand - but I have to give some faith to the coaches.

They kept them in part due to potential.

I hope one of the balls out !!

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They for sure will need a RB in Rd 2 or 3 next year, plus bring in and keep a viable veteran


I know right?? I know of KJ but outside of him, I couldn’t tell you what players make up the RB unit/group.

Offensive Philosophy

The offensive coordinator-is a member of the coaching staff in the NFL who is in charge of the offense.

The offensive coordinator is in charge of managing all offensive players, assistant NFL coaches, designing specific offensive plays, developing a specific offensive game plan, and calling the plays for the offense during the game.

The offensive coordinator has a number of assistant NFL coaches working under him; these coaches are offensive line coach, wide receiver coach, tight end coach, runner back coach and quarterback coach.
In most cases the offensive coordinator determines what offense philosophy the team will run.
Here some of the most common offensive philosophies that are ran in the NFL:

  • Smash Mouth
  • Spread Offense
  • Pro Style Set
  • Coryell Offense/ Air Coryell/ Vertical Offense
  • West Coast Offense
  • Wildcat Offense

I know this is only one site and it is also an opinion but I assume it is a fairly educated opinion - If you look at how they describe the positions you will see that the OC does develop running plays as does the O-line coach. I expect (as Snags said) that Bevell came with his system. The o-line coach is implementing Bevell’s system and his running plays. He probably then implements it with new plays that he develops. I have no doubt that MP speaks into some of the play design as well. There is a pecking order for a reason.

A offensive line coach is a coach in the NFL who is in charge of the offensive line. A offensive line coach works primarily with the offensive centers, guards and tackles on the team.

He teaches them specific offensive line techniques and plays that the offensive coordinator and offensive line coach has develop for the offensive line players.

A quarterback coach is a coach in the NFL who is in charge of the quarterbacks. A quarterback coach work primarily with the quarterbacks on the team.

He teaches them specific quarterback techniques and plays the offensive coordinator and quarterback coach has develop for the quarterbacks.

A running back coach is a coach in the NFL who is in charge of the running backs. A running back coach work primarily with the running backs on the team.

He teaches them specific running back techniques and plays the offensive coordinator and running back coach has develop for the running backs.

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If you think the offensive line coaches role is the same as other position coaches, you are missing how things are really done in the NFL. Here’s Tony Romo on the subject:

“One of the most underrated aspects that people don’t realize in the NFL is that most of the running game flows through the O-line coach. In a lot of offenses, he is the guy setting the offensive run game plan throughout the week. Then he morphs with the offensive coordinator. The coordinator calls the plays, but the O-line coach decides what runs we are going to put in this week.”

Deciding what run plays are used and designing the scheme and plays used are totally different I think. I suspect this varies by team to some degree as well. I don’t think we are that far apart on what we think happens. Not that it really matters what I think anyway. I don’t care if the water boy plans the run game and blocking schemes as long as they get it to work. Right now whoever is responsible is failing. That is what really matters.