Our next RB

Played for Bevell in Seattle.
Was used sparingly by Bears, should be fresh.

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Plus he knows that juggernaut O plan of theirs.

I think this would be a good pick up.

I agree. This would be a solid signing

based off what?

I never knew that releasing a player that you signed as a Free Agent could be recomputed back into your comp pick calculations. So the Bears could potentially gain a 4th round comp pick, I’m assuming in the 2020 draft, by releasing Davis.

He would be a very solid pick up. Make it happen Quinn!

Who would we drop?

I have no opinion good or bad but it seems of value to look at… however someone looses their job

(I messed up and quoted the wrong post here.)

Pick a RB. Any RB. Spot open

I hope we aren’t dumb enough to pick up Mike Davis and drop Bo Scarborough in a corresponding move without seeing what Bo has to offer first.

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for that matter , I have no idea what Mike Davis can do here behind our line…let alone Bo.

Not sure what would be dumb about it. We could just pick him back up next week.

Bo Scarborough needs to be on the roster and on the field getting carries. If we want to drop someone else and add Mike Davis to the mix that’s fine. But dropping Bo to pick up Davis is a dumb move IMO.

To a certain extent this is a completely moot point in my opinion. In accordance with the NFL rules after the trade deadline every single player released/cut, etc… regardless of their veteran status or not has to clear waivers so any team with a higher waiver priority could claim him.

Paul Perkins always keeps his suitcase packed with the LIons.

Per Ian Rappaport, Carolina Panthers claimed Mike Davis off waivers

That means Detroit passed on Davis


Yeah. Quinn is not a genius. Was there a better match? Former Bevell player. Knows the system. Has talent. Young. Didn’t have to give up any draft capital to acquire. Am I missing something??