Our other sites post count?!

Just seeing gifs can be uploaded.

Well, small gifs apparently. :slight_smile:

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what year was the Den created…very first day?

September 05, 26,497 posts…mostly hot air.:rofl:

August 2003, actually believe I joined in 2002 but forgot my password or something like that…been around to witness Bubbles and ESPNbaby in full on retard action! Amongst others…:crazy_face:


Bubbles and ESPNbaby are the glue that hold us together.

Someone stole Alex Smiths vallet.


The post count was a good way of quickly separating the regulars from the fly by night trolls. Things were really, really bad back then (the Millen days), so if you recall there were a ton of arguments and whatnot. Many people didn’t want to bother engaging with “random” people, only the regulars. I think it did serve its purpose to quickly alert that someone is a fly by night troll. But it definitely discouraged long time lurkers and new members from participating.

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Reader, light poster:

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I’ve always been here, like cockroaches, the caretaker at The Overlook, and arthritis. …

But if we are counting, this month is my 16th anniversary. Please don’t send gifts, save your money for Winni’s coyote. He is a few thousand away from being smuggled across the Minnesota border.

Dude REALLY wants real BBQ, to see Dolly Parton live and to have the privilege of paying $10k out of pocket for health insurance with a 8 grand deductible.

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Yeah no kidding … lol

During one of the early moves my post count reset. At one time me and Yote had post counts that were crazy insane. And I’ve never been one to make short posts … lol

Those game day chats would jack up posts counts if you participated. Once we started doing that post counts increased a cray amount. Personally it’s never meant much to me. But a joined date would be cool. But mine isn’t right because mine reset when my count reset. Not to mention this isn’t even my original user name… lol

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I’d vote “no” on post counts (as someone that has a lot of posts on the old site).

Quality over quantity :slight_smile:

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I hear ya. I look at my post count and wonder how somebody can be that full of shit?

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I did like the old system back in the day that put funny little monikers under your name for every 1000 posts, like Bear Beatin’ Bobcat. Post count doesn’t matter a great deal to me. I would like it on the record that I joined in 2006, so that I get credit for surviving the 0-16 season.


Ya’ll a bunch of kids…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Are these like airline miles? Are nets and darkos boards eligible for post count transfer?

And does this mean we get automatically bumped up to first class? Get the fancy lawn chair at the tailgate and have Joey Harrington serve champagne and strawberries?

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Only when you reach HOF status.

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Notfishn…posed as TSA and tried to frisk me once.


Lies! Besides, you were drunk and passed out. How would you know.