Packers #1 in opponents penalty yardage

From Wojo this morning. Just interesting packers are 1st and lions are last. Hmmmmmm yea there’s no favoritism going on lol.

Yes, that type of not-so-subtle favoritism exists in the NFL, from Rodgers to Tom Brady to other greats. The Packers lead the league with 501 yards gained on opponents’ penalties. The Lions are last, gaining 234 in penalty yardage.

We all know that the guys in New York are not using the replay system to change PI calls on the field, out of spite or to condition the coaches to not challenge. One or the other, but its happening. One of the only calls to be changed so far this year favored the Packers against the Vikings. They went back to replay to take away a TD for the Vikinigs. And what’s worse is that it had nothing to do with the touchdown AND it was a bad call on top of it.

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Yep. Made a thread about this yesterday.

The NFL has made a joke out of it. All the NFL is gonna do is alienate their fan base. Even the average Fans see it. if the NFL doesn’t wise up they will falter by the wayside. Baseball used to be America’s sport. They lost a lot of fans to the BS, points shaving and rigging of games. the NFL is close to seeing the same thing happen.

Watch for the 1 or 2 games where they stick it to the Packers just so they can tighten up this stat. But ultimately we all know what the goal is.

They shoulda started monday

A division game that gets the Packers to 3-0 in that division.

Not a chance they were going to use that game to present their faux even handedness.