Packers and Bears will both

…Take the Division and a Wild Card. Flip a coin…right?

So please explain to me WHY QuinnTricia should get yet another year (which they likely will), with less than a .500 season record??

Is someone saying they get another year? I know this is the Lions, but I am pretty positive it was made clear if they aren’t competitive near the end of season, they aren’t coming back. I honestly believe sub .500 and they are both gone, for sure

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I hope so, Jason; but over the past 45 years, I’ve seen the Fords get bamboozled by slick-talking GMs and Coaches.

I suspect 7-9 will buy them another year.

Bears could end up 5-5

Look at the next month of games; all winnable by the other teams

They shouldn’t.

Playoff or bust in my opinion. To be honest anything shy of a playoff win Or a division title should be consider a failure.

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Nothing short of a playoff win, is the only way they should stay. Still standing behind this.

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If the team finally finds an identity, destroys opposing teams, and barely miss the playoffs, that would be a tough decision to make especially if the trajectory is pointing upwards.

A lot of the younger players drafted seem to be developing nicely at the moment.

Packers looked like hot garbage today.

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Rodgers looked like crap and the line couldn’t block even a little.

Yeah, definitely looked a lot closer to our level…

Todd Bowels ate Rodgers up. Ford’s theres your guy.

I certainly hope they bring Patricia back. I need a reason to stop following this team completely.

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This was Green Bays 4th regular season loss in their last 21 games and they went to the conference championship last year. Yes… they had a bad game

There are 11 games left after today. If Patricia can get 7 more wins from the remaining games and this team shows it has an identity especially on defense then he deserves another season.

I think 8 wins out of 12 including today is a big ask for this head coach even with a straightforward schedule.

Let’s not forget who they played today.

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So he takes a 9-7 team, runs it into the ground and then builds it back up to 9-7 after 3 years and that’s supposed to give him more time?

I’m all for giving coaches time to execute their plan, but time is up. I said it when they kept him. That was pushing all of their chips to the center of the table. He needs to win this year or leave, and 9-7 without a playoff win isn’t going to cut it.


He took over a 9-7 team. Anything shy of 10 wins, a divisional championship or a play-off win is a step backwards.

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Team won 5 and 3 games the previous seasons. I’m no fan of Patricia but if he can get 7 more wins out of this team this season he deserves a shot to come back next year.

I don’t think that he will get a winning record on the season but if we put a run together and in the play off mix in late December he is short odds to return.

So you are going to reward him for sucking at his job in 2018 and 2019. That’s how I look at it.

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Yes, I can’t see them sacking him if he goes 8-4 from the bye to the end of the season as the optics will look as though he has turned a corner and the team is trending in the right direction.

I don’t believe for one minute that he is capable of winning 7 more games with this team and but if he somehow does I would be shocked if there was a coaching or GM change.