Packers fire McCarthy


Possible OC?


Yeah, he has done wonders with the best Qb on earth…


That is damn fast though. I guess they were waiting for him outside the locker room


Not surprised by this, many fans in Green Bay were calling for it during the summer


Yeah McCarthy was for sure gone, but Im honestly surprised they did it so fast. I figured he would be a Black Monday guy for sure. I knew him and Rodgers were getting into it, but it must be really steep. They basically had to be waiting for him outside the locker room


And yet the stench of Cooter lingers on throughout the halls of Allen Park


Not surprised. Packers fans have been pissed about him for a couple seasons.

Question is, will he be an OC for another team?


Even if no other team hired McCarthy as HC (which I doubt), the Lions wouldn’t bring him in, as OC.
They wouldn’t want him shadowing over Patricia in only his 2nd year as HC.

The Lions are safe and soft when it comes to innovative moves…


Bummer. Was hoping they’d sign him to a lifetime deal like the raiders with chucky.


Calling it now: He will coach the Browns next year.


I’m going to laugh if anyone picks him up as an OC. The man is simply not a good playcaller. Hell, he got the Green Bay job after running the 30th ranked offense in San Fran.


Fans and players blame him for every loss because Rogers can’t be to blame. I think they are about to find out that the problem could actually be their QB. Whoever they get to be HC and OC if that person clashes with Rogers than I suspect the team will struggle even more.

Here’s a story I heard that former Packer players have confirmed.

When a call comes into the huddle (that Rogers doesn’t like)… he pouts and it’s obvious he doesn’t like the call by his reactions. The younger players pick up on this and it’s a cancer that spreads accross the unit. Some of those players (as they’ve matured) realize that Rogers actions had a negetive effect on the unit. He’s well respected and admired, especially by the younger players. So when he doesn’t like the play then that the play usually fails … the finger is then pointed at the OC and HC within the organization.

Can you imagine if they hire a head strong HC. One who demands that Rogers plays with in the system? It could get ugly … on the flip side … if they find a HC, OC, QB coach and they are all on the same page with Rogers. They could then become nearly unstoppable.


I was just thinking that they should hire JBC to be there next HC.


Yea, this would be great! Lol, everyone can see Rodgers is a big whineass! I was very happy with his ext and am on record saying I dont believe he will be what he was prior to his injury. I said that because of last years game vs ATL.

Hope it blows up on AR-12 and GB…


I hope they are dumb enough to trade him


This decision came from the very top of the organization: