Packers vs. Chiefs

But they get KC without Mahomes and a few key starters on D. We should have beaten both these teams :rage:

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They are playing the Chiefs with KC coming off a mini bye (played last Thursday) while coming off back to back games where they played against teams coming off of their bye.

Is it bad that when Aaron Rodgers is the quarterback and he gets sacked I yelled "break his goddamn neck "???


Wow, KC got away with a hit to the face/helmet on that sack

Maybe he has a neck cramp? Shitbag.

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I think it’s tied because the NFL refs and NY HQ can’t decide which NFL Darling team to help :man_shrugging:t2:

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I’m always rooting for a bone-jarring hit against him too. Easily my top 3 least fav players, compounded by the fact that he plays for my least favorite team.

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He is fucking unreal though…how did that TD throw happen?

Dude is good at football (that’s the rumor anyway). I’m so tired of watching balls bounce their way - fumble squirts out…right into Packer arms (already in FG range)

Rogers is by far my least favorite player. However as we all know it’s better to be lucky than good. And he is both.

And a lot of his luck is “luck” (induced by officiating)


Irritates me to listen to commentators talk about Rodgers too. He throws a ball from a different angle “oh my god…did you see that? he practices this. He surprises himself, etc.”

Matt throws from the exact same angle “he needs to work on his form and tighten up his mechanics.”


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Holy duck, they just called a hand to face on the Packers on a defended 3rd and goal.


Justice. Justice just happened. Though unlike with Flowers, Williams actually did have his hands on the face mask.

No not really sorry. The only way Justice happens is if the officials totally screw Green Bay out of a win and give the Lions a gift win before this season is over and even then it’s not true justice


God, can Collinsworth suck off Rodgers any harder? Gross


Probably could, but not sure it would be appropriate for television.

“and it’s Joooones, squirting through the hole…”


GB actually earned this one.

The standings for this year should have 2 columns for wins…Earned wins, and wins

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yes Big, Erin threw away footballs NOWHERE near ANY of his receivers a few times this season , hell 15-20 yards from ANY player on any team tonight vs the Chiefs refs didn’t bat an eye. I thought that was for sure [quote=“BigNatty, post:1, topic:2290, full:true”]
KC is fast! Wow!

Rodgers gets away with murder. Intentional grounding? “In the vicinity” means something different from one QB to the next.

GB Packer football…Proof that Karma isn’t real!

Rogers threw the ball 20 yards from ANY player vs KC , the refs didn’t bat an eye and let it go but there wasn’t a GB OR KC player within a row where that ball landed. I was sure that was intentional grounding…he did the same damn thing last we played GB…again…zippo.

It’s got to the point I don’t know if they call intentional grounding.