Panthers Open to Trade Offers for Most of Roster

Anyone on the Panthers roster the Lions might be interested in?

and then there is this 2020 NFL Scouting Combine: Latest news & rumors around the NFL | PFN

12:28 PM ET (via Ben Allbright): Increasing chatter on the Panthers moving up
There is increasing chatter at the NFL Combine regarding the Carolina Panthers and them making a move up the draft board for the first overall pick. The feeling within some NFL circles is that there is some legitimacy to this rumor. Allbright and PFN are working to uncover more details on this situation.

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I’m hoping more and more rumors come out that Car, SB, IND and Jax are looking to trade up.

Hoping they drive up the asking prices.

CMC would be nice

Wonder what it would take to get him

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McCaffrey being traded isn’t too farfetched. He plays a low value position and racked up a ton of miles over the past couple of years, and he should bring a good haul back to the Panthers in return. You think the Rams don’t wish they’d traded Gurley after his huge season(s) rather than pay him? The Cardinals and David Johnson? The Falcons and Freeman? Hell, maybe even the Cowboys and Zeke.

None of us saw the Mack and Tunsel trades coming the past couple of offseasons, McCaffrey wouldn’t shock me.

Carolina hired LSU’s offensive coordinator didn’t they? Makes sense they would be interested in landing Burrow who tore it up in that system. Sorta like last year with Arizona.

I’d love D.J. Moore if he was available but I don’t see that being possible. Christian Miller on the cheap would be a nice pickup if possible as well.

Yes, McCaffrey!

I saw somewhere someone mentioned a deal of #3/KJ for #7/cmc/another pick I want to say a 2nd or 3rd rd pick

It’s a interesting idea