Panthers owner words on cam’s health vs Staffords health

I think panthers owner will have good success . He said cams decision will be based on his health . Cam is saying he is good . But panthers owner is saying just good is not good enough . Stafford himself declared good to go when he saw back up qbs making accurate deep throws . Who is doing a tight check on this like panthers owner on stafford and not players deciding . If we need a good product , we need good owners like panthers

Please enlighten me as to what backup QB’s were making accurate deep throws? I’ll wait…

And if you think Stafford was saying he was healthy only cuz he feared his job as a starter on this team you are sadly mistaking…


I am not sure how you can compare the two unless you have intimate knowledge about what is going on with both people and what their doctors are telling them behind closed doors.


I agree with you qbhater , even though I make unorthodox statements , you have not yelled at me . My point was just to be little more aggressive on everything like panthers owner to have a good product

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Don’t forget Christian and skinny!!! Need that too.

I really don’t try and and disrespect you. I just don’t get some of your takes…and my thought about a message board is: if you are going to say it, then be open to being questioned. lol.

Yes ,after work I am ready to counter cross questions and fix my English in the process . Thinking of voice enabled texting more

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Dtown,Crisp throw from blough to galloday under pressure

Espn, you could have thrown that ball to KG, there was no one within around KG. To me it looked like KG had to shorten his stride and wait on the ball a half second.

Still looks good know . Back to memories of Germaine Crowell / Gus ferrote connection

sure, of course. But Stafford had 7 to just Marvin Hall alone in 8 games that were nicer.

Agreed , this year stafford was making deep throws better in bevells offense , good to see flee flicker etc .But year before, his accuracy in deep throws frustrated me

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@espnbaby under threw that one. :joy:

Ha… even when Stafford wanted to come back the team said no.

…and the part about Stafford saying he’s good because our QBs made an accurate deep pass or 3 in the final 8 losses vs average or worse teams… What’s that supposed to mean? Lol

Nobody is questioning staffords phsyical ability . Only question surrounding is his command in offense after so many years . When we have everything to blow out the other team , he make some kind of mistakes especially when we are ready to take a 14 point lead . Most wins are close games

And as always…, we focus on only 1/3 the process to explain the overall result.

The defense has to do its job.

But keep giivnf your idea of results without proper, complete and unbiased investigation…

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