Panthers sign Anderson for 2 years 20 mil. What does this mean for Golladay?

What do you think Golladay should get?

Panthers signed Robby Anderson for two years, $20M

Amari Cooper got 5 years 100 mil.

Personally I think Golladay falls closer to Anderson than Cooper.

If they don’t extend him before this season and he has another good year, they are going to have to break the bank if they want to keep him. If they sign him before, they probably can get him for 4/40 or something in that range.


I think they could sign him now for about $16 per year , $42 guaranteed $65 over 4 …

In 2021 and the cap going up and the new CBA …the franchise tag will be $18+ and 2nd year tag at $21 …
Any 4 year deal for Golladay in 2021 is going to have to have $60 in guaranteed money and be in the $18 range per year 4 years $80 Million or 5 at $100 …kid is going to get Cooper money on any long term deal after this season …right on par with Cooper .

$10 per year is pipe dream …no chance


Cooper only got $10 mill guaranteed…giving him $60 guaranteed would be dumb. But it is the Lions so I guess they will probably do that.

Looking at the salaries of current top 15 WRs and it appears that $10 per is a little low. But he might be just a top 20 receivers that put up a bunch of stats when everyone else on the team was dead.

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I have said they should do him now as well. You might get somewhat of a discount doing it a year earlier. But it goes out the window in a must win year thought from them if he does have another year like last year.

BQ might be thinking, it won’t be his worry if he isn’t here. So spend all the money he can to improve the team to win now. (too keep his job)

On the other hand, it might be possible that Golladay doesn’t want to be here in another regime. You never know what he is thinking either. He might want to be on a winner.

So 15 mil won’t be an insult. Do it now and save if he has big year under a win now year.

Offer him a 4 year 60 mil extension 40 mil guaranteed


It’s always a gamble, but his agent has to be wondering if they should go full Rod Tidwell and just play out his existing contract and them go play the next 10 years for a competent franchise.

I have no idea Kenny G’s passion for winning because he’s kind of a mute on and off the field, but signing in Detroit for 4-6 more years knowing that the entire staff and probably front office will be going thru yet another brooming, has to be in the back of his mind.

Going into your 2nd and likely biggest contract of your life and the entire franchise (minus the idiot, clueless owner) will be going thru an overhaul, which we all know wastes 2-3 years here before it even gets evaluated.

The angry cynic in me says the Lions should give him the Glasgow treatment and let him walk. F it, we don’t need to resign homegrown talent. We can always replace them with an equal, less expensive player in the draft.

The Lions fan in me says now is the time to extend him and lock him up through his prime at a rate that seems slightly expensive today, but will not be at all in 3 years time. The Lions need to retain their talented players, especially the core players they draft - not let them walk and sign with other teams for fair deals.

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You are reading Cooper’s contract totally wrong…
He got $60 Million guaranteed.
$10 Million signing bonus …Average $20 Million per year…Dumb ? What are you talking about ?

Completely disagree. Golladay is just as good as Cooper and is far better than Anderson. The Cooper contract is in the ballpark of what we should expect from Golladay.


Golladay is 26 years old if I’m not mistaken. I would extended him to a 3-4 year contract. Lions could draft his replacement his year as well

I bet they could.

God I hope not.

I’ll disagree. I do not think he’s even remotely close to Cooper.

Stat wise one could argue sure but when you actually look at what each brings to the table the story is completely different.

Cooper is one of the best route runners in the game. He can run any route and really doesn’t have any real weaknesses in his game. He opens up the entire playbook for the offense.

Galladay is a physical WR but he has a limited route tree and can barely get separation. He limits your playbook for sure. What Golladay does well is win contested balls and he has an above average catch radius.

I like Golladay but he’s not in the same caliber as Cooper is.


Cooper in my opinion might be the best WR in the game …
Me saying Golladay is going to get Cooper money is not about me comparing him to Cooper…I was one of the very few who thought Dallas stole him for the compensation the Raiders got .
Golladay will get Cooper type money because of the dynamic of contracts and what the going rate is …Golladay getting Cooper money in 2021 will be not be as valuable as what Copper got in 2020 .

Galloday is gonna get paid if he keeps up his trend. He might hit his ceiling this season barring Stafford stays healthy.