Parking lot suggestions?

Best small lot?

How far you willing to walk? What area you coming from?

At the Michigan Hockey game Tonight. So coking from a hotel in Ann Arbor. Will go anywhere really. I know that some lots are just park and go and others are a good time. But the one by the casino has been closed for years.

Good party lots?

Scotty in da house!

I liked the lots across 75…damn Red Wings…

Eastern Market is one of the best party spots around

There’s a marathon tomorrow so Parking will be an issue. The further you can get from down town the better you will be. I’d look towards the eastern market area or the lots super close and just south of Ford Field. They’re your best bets tomorrow.

Tomorrow is going to be a disaster downtown tmmrw. I am crossing the morning in Windsor. Tunnel shutdown till 9 and bridge till 10. Get there early tmmrw.

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I would probably stay away from this parking lot if you can…or I guess find it, just depends on what you’re looking for I suppose.

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Clearly a Packers tailgate.

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Yep this is a shit show.