Pasqualoni, Davidson leave, too

There goes the o-line coach and the much-maligned defensive coordinator.


On Jeff Davidson:

“Coach Davidson recently informed me that he will take an indefinite leave from coaching. Jeff was an invaluable resource to me during the past two seasons and his leadership will be greatly missed. He has left the door open to a coaching return in future years and I fully support his personal decision to spend time away from the game. I thank him for his dedication to our team and wish him and his family all the best.”

On Paul Pasqualoni:

“Coach Pasqualoni notified me this week that he will be stepping away from the Lions to be closer to his family. Coach P is one of the best men I’ve ever been around, on both personal and professional levels. I owe him so much and I’m grateful of the impact he had on our players, coaches and support staff. He will continue to be a great sounding board for me as a coach, father and leader. I wish him and his family well as they begin the new year together.”

First! :upside_down_face:

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Perfect. The two assistants that I most wanted gone. I hope MP let’s Bevell have serious input on the OL coach hire.


Think we both posted within a second or two of one another lol

Thank gosh. Now just get rid of dumb and dumber.

Some continuity there would be good… RB, OL, OC. It’s been pretty disjointed, really, since Caldwell got here.

ETA… just thinking this through… I think Hank Fraley is a lock for OL coach.

You have to wonder how many quality coaches will want to jump on a burning ship. I mean it’s playoffs or bust, or so they say. For the record I don’t believe that for a second. A 9-7 finish will almost certainly buy them another year.

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Whomever posted earlier in the week that PP “would be spending more time with family” vs. getting fired absolutely NAILED IT.

well done!


I also remember PP saying he has a lot of football left in him and isn’t going to retire. There is no doubt he was forced out.

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ford owned—money talks—and if they some how manage to turn things around—it will be a nice notch in their resume for another job

There are only so many quality coaches available every year. I doubt Patricia will get the pick of the litter. They’ll be feeding off the scraps.

Isn’t there a bit of disconnect between, “We’ve seen enough progress to see this through another year” and, “Now let’s fire almost all of our assistant coaches?”

What a mess this is turning into. I’ll be shocked if Quinntricia do anything but fail again and get fired next season.

If it makes some happy to waste a year before the inevitable, like the Ford family? Knock yourselves out.

Where was that? I recall it as well and am looking for the interview. Any idea where that was from?

Scraps for sure.

A quality coach isn’t going to be looking for a job here in Detroit.

Look at the facts. Patricia is about 365 days away from being fired. He will be replaced by someone new. That new coach will want to broom everyone and bring in his own guys asap.

What sort of quality coaching candidate is interested in a 1 year stop in Detroit only to be fired at the end of that tenure?

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I can’t remember where I read it. Most likely the Det News or Freep. He definitely sounded defensive and defiant.

Brother - no coach anywhere is ever going to talk poorly of an coach under their command.

Things are fluid as well. Always fluid. Yesterday’s remarks do not determine today’s actions… they are only guide posts …

I figured this may happen … DC was the only coach i really felt they needed to move in from… but 8 … yikes!

I thought Patricia was going to get a new DC and give PP another title of “advisor” or something much like Gunther had. My guess is that PP passed on the indignity of such a demotion.

Found it -

Pasqualoni, 70, still has a lot of energy and love for the game, and says he has no plans to hang up his whistle any time soon.

“Well, you know, my kids are young,” he said. “I didn’t get married until I was 48. So my daughter is going to graduate – she’s the youngest, she’s graduating this year. So we have four years to get her through school. My No. 2 guy is a sophomore at Boston College, so, you know what that costs? Got to get him through school, plus he has to get a master’s degree. My other son, my oldest son, is a closed stick defender at Bryant University. So he’s on a five-year program there. So, I’m going to be coaching – I hope I’m coaching – for a long time."

That was from December 2nd. I guess he had a significant change of heart.