Pass rushers vs. Time to throw


How many of us have been saying for years that you have to rush the passer? How many have been saying your DL needs to put pressure on a QB to win in the NFL?

Why are the Lions so inept in this area year after year?


BQ intentionally sabotaged the pass rush when he threw 90MM at a guy who can’t get to the QB. It’s simple football 101. Rush the passer and the back 7 doesn’t have to be elite.

I would rather have 3 guys who are great at pass rushing and 8 guys who are just solid behind them, rather than needing all back 7 guys to be elite to cover for the lack of pass rush. Simple math. Quinn is a moron.


Lol, you realize how many times Flowers was double teamed right… What other guy on the D line was doing anything.


Yeah, Flowers is not known as a sack monster, but he can hold the edge, play multiple spots and enable other guys to rack up pressure and sacks. He is very good at creating and help to create pressure for other players. Like the guy about says, it was more about the supporting cast not producing.


That is a damning plot. It really shows how much outside of the norm the lack of pressure was. This shows how dumb it is to think the problem was coverage.

Yea and you wonder why our DB’s cant cover anyone? And our coach is a defensive genius.


So the MORE rushers you send at the QB the LESS time they have to throw?

Am I reading this right?

It doesn’t seem like some crazy revelation.

Lions rushed only 4 guys or less…MORE than most teams. QB’s had MORE time to throw.

Cards, Bucs, Ravens look like they blitzed MORE often (4.5 rushers avg range). QB’s had LESS time to throw.

So do we blitz more? Do we need to send more rushers?

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another apologist. That’s the point, einstein. When you pay someone 90 million, you should expect that they can work thru double teams. That wasn’t a rookie or a fringe player. You paid Flowers 18 million a year to be a guy who could maybe touch the shoelace of a QB when he was only man on man against the worst LTs in the league. I believe he got 2 of the 7 total sacks against the NYGs backup LT. That’s what you call throwing money in the garbage.

You get players who are dominant on the edge. After that, everything else takes care of itself, for the most part. Sending more rushers is a reflection of you signing guys for 90 million who can’t get the job done.

Did you forget the other part of my question or just answer the one you think you can?

Other teams were able to double team him because we were sending less guys to block than every single team in the NFL. That’s on the coaches. What good is a guy who demands double teams if you aren’t going to take advantage of it with a blitzer.


We really need Hand to stay healthy. I truly believe he can be a really good pro if he can just stay healthy.

Still holding out hope that Young drops down.

Why, so that other teams can double team Young and we will still have no pass rush?

I doubt we would draft him if he did drop to us. Which would be crazy insane not to do.

Wait, you just had them doubleteaming Flowers, too. Well, if those two draw 4 then we can make some hay in the middle, even with Shelton.