Patching together different eras of Lions football to make a contender

TBH, I would rather see a 53 man roster made up of the most excruciating, terrible, awful players they have rolled out. FAR more entertaining and likely more debates.

I mean, do you put Kris Dunham in solely on his phantom hit sideline fumble that got ran back? Do you put Ty Detmer in on the strength of one 7 interception game over Andre Ware’s precision turf burners or Garcia’s Moonballs? Does James Jones get credit for being a plodder with no burst for season after season or DeWayne White for being a bately startable talent who by default was the best player on an all time shitbird talent vacuum defense?

Don’t forget coaching…defending the sidelines vs Aaron Rodgers on a Hail Mary vs Taking The Wind…omg. PAD LEVEL.

This needs it’s own thread…

Also, Schaudnfreude.

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