Patricia and blitzing

Did MP blitz this little in New england? Is he just easing into or are we not going to see more of it?

I’m convinced that based on what I’m hearing and what I saw before I quit watching: Patricia only blitzes on accident.


I think they will ease into it and see more eventually. NE has had the same system and players for so long, they can do multiple stuff.

I think the Lions are still in the phase of teaching. Maybe they don’t have the right players to do it? The players do a lot of different things on defense (Hybrid D).

How much time does Patty think he actually has here?

Not sure its enough to be relying on “eventually.”

I don’t know about the last game, but I read a good article after the Vikings game that pointed out that they actually blitzed more in that game than any previous game, just none of the plays got home.

Point being that just because they didn’t have many successful blitzes doesn’t mean they didn’t try it more that we might think, unless you analyze the tape.